An Effective Guide To Deal With Rumors
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an effective guide to deal with rumors

1. I'm great at guides and 2. I'm even better at rumors.

an effective guide to deal with rumors

Maybe it has never happened to you, but let's be real, at some point in our lives, we all have had to deal with rumors spread about us or our friends.

Now I don't want to brag (because do you know how many rumors that will spread? Too many) but I've heard rumors about myself.

Not very frequently, but sometimes. Occasionally. Rarely, to be honest.

Wow, I can hear my best friends laughing at this understatement (let me live, guys, come on).

But yes, there have been whispers, taunts, and very, very harsh things that have been said to your back, front, any direction really and now you don't know what to do.

Should I talk back, you wonder? Maybe say something to dispel the rumors? Call your parents on the phone while crying that your life is over?

It is hard to deal with people not minding their own business and sticking their noses in yours. The best way to respond to them is to not respond at all.

Because you are probably popular and they are just jealous.

I mean, I would not know. Cannot relate. Nope. Not at all.

With no further delay: what happens when a rumor is spread about you and how to deal with the aftermath.

Disclaimer: It has never, personally, happened to me so this is an approximate guide. Proceed with caution.

Further Disclaimer: The above sentence is a lie. Don't worry, I know my stuff. This is the real deal. I got you covered.

1. The 'Finding Out' Phase


Whether it is a timely text from your BFF or just a random acquaintance who is curious about you, you usually find out that you are either dating four people at one time, or you totally said something you definitely did not say, it's a shock to find out.

I mean, don't these people have anything else to do, you rant to your friends, who are reassuring and continue to support this mess that is your life. Appreciate them, they are the only sane ones in this whole ordeal.

2. The 'Dealing With People Asking You If This Rumor They Heard About You is True Or..' Phase


Yes, this is a legitimate phase that you have to endure. I'm sorry but you do find out who are your real friends, and those who care about rumors.

Knowledge is power and that's why people (who you have never talked to, by the way) will come to you, act all buddy-buddy and ask you if the latest news that they heard is true.

You can respond in many ways: burst into tears, deny, abstain from commenting, or my personal favorite, smile and agree.

Because the best way to make a rumor old news is to show that it doesn't affect you.

I mean, of course, you are sleeping with Dylan and Brittany, did they not know already? God, so embarrassing for them.

It's like dealing with a child in a tantrum: stop paying attention to them and they stop themselves.

3. The 'Finally! This Rumor is Old News' Phase


It's been a week or two and no one has come up to you to ask how well Dylan is in bed.

The rumor is done.

No one cares anymore and has most likely moved on to the next rumor.

You are free. Enjoy.

Go celebrate out with your friends!

(Maybe even take this Dylan dude, I mean, you did hear he is good in bed. Just a thought.)

In the end, you have to understand that rumors are just that: rumors.

Never let them get to you, and treat each one that comes your way with a grain of salt.

An unfortunate side effect of having a rumor spread is that another one is inevitable, but don't worry about it too much because your friends are going to have your back and you will have your own back. Let them come.

Moreover, rumors (even if they might be true) are not spread to harm you. Don't take it personally. People don't plan this stuff, they are not that smart.

It is exciting to spread them because this gossip might be true or they might not be. It is the scandal and curiosity that propels gossip from person to person and the best way to deal with it is just enjoy the ride and the popularity, of course.

Rumors just mean that there are people who are insignificant to you but are very interested in knowing everything about you. It's almost as if you have a fan.

And the best thing to do with a fan? Appreciate them, smile and nod, but never get too close.

That's the same way you should deal with rumors.

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