Here are 10 easy ways to relieve stress during finals week.
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Student Life

10 Ways To De-Clutter Your Mind For The Last Few Weeks Of School

Dive into your finals with a clear, focused mind by remaining stress free.

10 Ways To De-Clutter Your Mind For The Last Few Weeks Of School

Finals season has arrived, and with it comes anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. With that being said, these last few weeks can get pretty hectic. You might even think you're going crazy because of all the work you need to complete. However, it is important to remain stress-free. Here are some of the simplest things you can do in order to end the semester on a good note.

Spill the tea. 


Spill the tea. Literally and figuratively. First, I recommend some hot green tea. Green tea is proven to not only reduce stress and anger, but it also helps you stay focused. Second, I recommend spilling some tea with your friends. Tell them how you are feeling. Don't hold in your emotions. Instead, pour out some of your anxiety to them. They will understand.

Stretch it out. 


Stretching is a perfect way to reduce tension. It allows your body to have more blood circulation. You do not even need to do any crazy stretches. Simple movements like touching your toes or stretching out your arms will give you relaxing results. If you want to take it a step further, try some yoga. Yoga has plenty of health benefits, especially when it comes to reducing stress.



I know. Who wants to clean? Well, you should. You are going to be moving out in a few weeks anyway, so you might as well get started now. Start with the simple things like dusting and then move onto the bigger things like cleaning the bathroom. Organize all of your stuff too. Organizing will make you feel like a brand new person when you are done, and being organized during finals week is a huge plus.

Go for a walk. 


Get up. Start moving. You don't even need to go anywhere far. Put in your headphones and take a stroll. Aim for at least a 10-minute walk, but if you wish to go farther, that is even better. If you feel like you can handle a little more, start running. Running allows you to get out of your head.

Just breathe.


Yes, the stress is a lot, but remember to breathe. You have probably heard this a million of times, but taking a few deep breaths here and there is essential. Inhale positivity, exhale negativity. It is as simple as that. Do not over think it.

Laugh it off.


Sometimes you need to just laugh things off. Search up some memes or watch some old vines. You should smile at least once throughout your day, so make sure that you do.

Get some sleep.


Do not forget to sleep. Sleep deprivation will only make your life 100% worse. Sleep is needed in order for your brain to work properly, and you are going to need your brain to work at its full potential during finals. If you didn't get enough sleep during the night, take power naps. Naps can be just as beneficial.

Say no.


Sometimes you need to just say no. Going out with your friends may seem like a great option, but is it? Most likely the answer is no, considering that you probably have a test in the morning. Think logically and remember to put the important things first.

Log off social media.


Get off of social media. Being less connected to social media will allow you to be more connected with yourself. It is really easy. All you need to do is log off the apps. When your finals are over, social media will still be there.

Just take a break.


Your schedule is probably packed with back to back assignments and exams, but sometimes you need to just give yourself a break. Do what makes you happy. However, keep in mind all of the work that you still need to do. Balance is key for these next few weeks.

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