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5 Vital Things To Know When Visiting Washington, DC

A trashcan will become your best friend.

Diana Xavier

Just recently a group of friends and I made a trip up to Washington, DC. We went in the wintertime and boy was it cold! There wasn't as much snow as I'd thought (it was a little disappointing) but the wind was killer!

One of the things that was great about this trip was that I gathered knowledge from the experience! Here are 5 things that are vital to know when you visit Washington, DC!

1. The security at the Museums and Monuments is serious!


The security in Washington, DC is serious. For good reason, but unfortunately, even snacks and pocket knives are on the list. As a country girl, this was a bummer. There is nothing that southerners love more than their pocket knives and food.

If you visit any indoor monument or museum, be sure to leave your food and weapons in your hotel room.

2. The Metro is a godsend!


When you visit Washington, DC there is a lot of walking. I mean a LOT. But if you buy a metro card, it makes everything so much better!

The metro is warmer, there isn't any wind, and it isn't as crowded in the wintertime!

We still walked a lot, but towards the end of the trip, we mainly stuck with riding the metro as we got more tired.

3. Trash cans are epic hiding places!


Not for people! But for the aforementioned pocket knives and snacks.

When I was in DC, I had a whole backpack of snacks, some scissors I had forgotten about, and probably a pocket knife. We went to go into the capital and they don't let you take in any food or metal objects (unless its the metal part on your belt).

So, like any normal people, we tried to hide our stuff. But, unfortunately, it didn't work. Ultimately, one of the security guards outside the doors suggested that I place our stuff in an umbrella bag and put it in the trash and hope for the best.

Thankfully, when we were finished touring the Capital all of my stuff was still in the trash can! The security guards had changed, but after I pulled out my bag, I turned to the new ones and gave them a thumbs up before we left. My best friend thought I was crazy, but hey, it worked!

4. Doughnuts make even the cold bearable!


Warm doughnuts covered in chocolate are great motivators to brave the cold! If you visit Washington, DC, in the wintertime, keep an eye out for the hot and ready sign at Krispy Kreme! Walking to all those monuments will leave you cold and tired, but doughnuts will definitely help you to forget about you freezing limbs and aching feet!

5. Don't be afraid to ask for information!


The layout of Washington, DC, isn't too bad, but it can still be confusing. Several times we had people ask us for directions and we had to ask others for directions. So don't be afraid to ask those around you for information, most people are pretty nice and very helpful!

Overall, the trip was awesome and I had a great time! Riding the metro was a great experience and all of the monuments and museums were amazing! I'll definitely visit it again, especially since I didn't get to see all of the museums! Maybe I'll pick a better time to visit though, some time that's not too hot and not too cold would probably be best.

If you have traveled to Washington, DC, and have some helpful tips or knowledge that you've gained from it, feel free to comment!

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