A Day In The Life Of A Serial Procrastinator Just Trying To Get By

Starting from the beginning of the day, I procrastinate. I usually wake up around six or seven and don't get out of bed until about eight. I have to leave my house by eight-thirty to be able to make it to campus on time. Yet, I know I need to leave at eight-thirty and I don't get out of bed until the last minute to shower. When it comes to school work and assignments, I try to convince myself that I am not going to procrastinate and that I am going to turn in everything early. But then, it's Sunday night around ten or so and I am struggling and rushing to finish up the work due at midnight.

There are four types of procrastinators: anxious procrastination, fun procrastination, "plenty of time" procrastination, and perfectionist procrastination. The anxious procrastinator procrastinates because they fear starting or completing the task or decision. A fun procrastinator would rather do anything except the task at hand. The "plenty of time" procrastinator gets the mindset that there is enough time to complete the task but end up leaving it until the last minute. Lastly, there's the perfectionist procrastinator who sometimes wants the task to be so perfect that they freak out too much and never end up accomplishing anything.

For me, I tend to be a combination of all of these things. I deal with extreme anxiety and I sometimes I procrastinate because I dread the outcome and I am scared to even work on the assignment. Especially when it comes to school work, I want it to be perfect and tend to have miniature breakdowns when trying to work on it. Here lately I feel as though I have been procrastinating now more than ever when it comes to everything. It feels as if I am just going through the motions and struggling to keep afloat. In the end, it will be worth it when I have my degree in hand and I've landed my dream job, but until then, I am just taking it day by day.

Take it from this broke, struggling college student. It gets better as time progresses.

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