5 Things I Learned From Dating A Sorority Girl

Before I started dating the most amazing woman in the world, I had only ever experienced sorority life through movies. They showed sorority girls as pretty pink and perfect. Turns out the movies have a few things to learn. There are things about sororities that you just can't truly appreciate until you have lived it. Here are a few things I learned from dating a sorority girl:

1. You somehow know everyone

Suddenly knowing nearly everyone on campus is pretty cool, but you really start to realize how bad you are with names. Everyone is either a sister, a friend of a sister, a boyfriend/girlfriend of a sister, or an frenemy of a sister. Keeping up with who you are supposed to know is just impossible. Learn to smile and wave.

2. Glitter is life

You went from having maybe one glitter pen to having a quart size box of the pretty blue kind, ten separate tubes, five glitter pens, and three different kinds of body glitter. Also it gets EVERYWHERE; you can never truly get rid of it.

3. Girl Power is real

Seeing so much girl power in action is amazing. How quickly these girls are ready to help each other is inspiring. Whether you are stuck in a restaurant parking lot with a dead car battery or you really need a study buddy for a big test these girls have your back.

4. You know everyone's business

You find yourself knowing everything about everyone. You know things about people you have never even met. Getting all of the gossip for the week can last anywhere from thirty minutes to six hours.

5. You find a home

You fall in love with this sweet girl because she's funny, kind, cute, smart, and just generally an amazing person. And before you know it you are a part of this huge loving family who really care about each other. So the last thing I learned is while sororities are a great place to make friends they are actually the perfect place to find a home.

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