What dating the same person for 3 years has taught me
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After Dating The Same Person For Three Years, Here's What I Learned

It's not all sunshine and roses...

After Dating The Same Person For Three Years, Here's What I Learned
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The media portrays long term relationships in one of either two extreme arches. The hopeless romantic fairytale ever after, or as a dreadful hell hole. You have Disney princesses getting married in one arch, and then you switch the channel and see the horrible marriage of Al Bundy in a comedy. Neither of which is entirely right...or wrong.

Love is work. Loving someone is work, and communicating is work, and comprehending is even more work. Dating is hard, marriage is hard, but loving the right person is so, so, rewarding.

I'm a living example of this. This is shown on July 28th, a very special date for me. Its the anniversary of the love of my life and we've been going strong for over three years now.

Three long, hard, grueling years.

Three of the most fulfilling years of my life.

They've been filled with tears, laughter, and undeniable joy. When I first met my boyfriend no small relationship of some odd months prepared me for what the test of time has thrown at me.

Dating the same person of three years has taught me a lot. Its taught me about him, me, and life in general.

I've learned all the nooks and crannies he possesses as well as constantly learning something new about him. Everything from his preferences to his quarks. His flaws and perfections. I finally learned what those romantic poets were defining as love because I found it within him.

Beyond that, he's taught me so much about myself. He's shown me strength and patience. He's taught me what real commitment is.

Real commitment through all the hard times, the fun times, and the ugly times. Commitment is more than just feelings, its hardcore action, and understanding. There will be moments where the spark just isn't there, that love feels like a chore. Yet, if you stick it out long enough and work together as a team you can overcome it.

My boyfriend and I did.

It wasn't easy, but it's worth it.

Love taught me that some things are worth the risk. There's a lot of risks you open up when you start dating someone. At first, it's the risk of rejection, but then time goes on and new risks present themselves. The more you date, generally speaking, you're lives become more intertwined. The stakes start building up as you build a life together. There are finances to consider, and the possibility of starting a family.

Life starts getting real hardcore real quick, and if you're not paying attention it can feel like it's happening all at once.

Life taught me that the right love can make life easier while the wrong one can make it THAT much harder.

So pick your love wisely.

Additionally, if you find the right love, a special someone who will always support you and help you through no matter what-

hold onto them tightly and appreciate them greatly.

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