Why My New Dating Technique Is Failing Spectacularly
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Why My New Dating Technique Is Failing Spectacularly

Somehow, I expected myself to make better dating decisions while in college.

Why My New Dating Technique Is Failing Spectacularly
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About a week after finishing up my freshman year of college, my boyfriend broke up with me. I was all "woe is me" for about a month, but then I realized that I needed to move on because there was no way that we would be rekindling our (probably toxic) romance anytime soon. I had tried reaching out, he didn't respond, and now the only interaction we have is when he views my Instagram stories, so I guess that's a good signal for me to keep moving forward in the romance department.

As a result of this lack of communication with my ex, I have redownloaded my trusty sidekicks- Tinder and Bumble. I knew I'd be stuck in my tiny town for the summer, where the eligible male population hasn't changed much since I was in high school, so I figured my best bet was to expand my distance settings on my favorite dating apps and to get swiping.

However, I soon realized that my past relationship had still left a rather painful mark on my heart. Long story short, one of the reasons my ex broke up with me was because he didn't want to do a long-distance relationship. I didn't want to attempt to have one of those while in college, so I decided that the only solution to that problem would be to only swipe right on people who attend the same college that I do.

Yes, I know, that was a stupid idea, but I was still hurting, and I was trying to learn from the errors of my last relationship. Unfortunately, not many guys near me attend a college that is about 3-1/2 hours away from where I live, which made finding a match rather difficult. Since that decision already drastically cut down on my potential matches, I would literally swipe right on every person who went to the same school as me, no matter what we did or did not have in common. I was letting my college dictate the fate of my next relationship, and boy was that a dumb idea. I think I would have been better off attempting another long-distance relationship in the fall, but I was determined to make this idea work.

Finally, I matched with a funny guy on Bumble who went to the same school as me. I thought the stars had finally aligned in my favor and that all of my swiping had finally paid off. Instead, it turns out that the cute guy I was crushing on had dropped out of school last year... So there I was, cursing the relationship gods and wondering how I was ever going to find somebody to date this summer.

I've decided that this type of swiping and searching isn't doing my love life any good (shocker, I know), so I should probably go back to my regularly scheduled program of swiping on guys who I actually find attractive. That, or I could just take a break from the dating scene, but where's the fun in that since hot girl Summer is here, ya know?

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