10 Fatal Flaws On Men's Dating App Profiles

Finding Love On A Dating App Is Hard, And These 10 Fatal Flaws On Men's Profiles Make It Even Harder

Liking "The Office" is not a personality trait. Next.


Dating apps are super popular, but wow can they be disappointing. Mostly, I suppose, if you happen to be interested in men.

The past week or so, I've used Bumble to do a sort of scavenger hunt for the best dating app clichés, and boy has it been rewarding. Below are just a few of the dating app faux pas and overused profile boosters I've noticed so far.

1. The Michael Scott


It's not rare for a man's bio to literally just be a Michael Scott quote. Most frequently, one of these:

1. "I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."

2. "'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.' -Wayne Gretsky" - Michael Scott

Insert any other Michael Scott quote, though, honestly. We get it. You, like most other people, enjoy "The Office."

2. The Height Bio


"6'1." I mean, it's kind of sad. Is that his only character trait? That he's tall? Tell me something that isn't optically obvious.

3. The Vine Guy


"I quote too much from Vine." Okay, we all love and miss Vine. But everyone can quote Vines. Impress me. Your profile is like your dating resume—you gotta step up your game.

4. The One-Pic Wonder


Oh, silly us, hoping for actual information about this man. His whole profile is just his name, his age, and a photo. Thank goodness I can deduce our compatibility just from looking at one vague, badly-angled selfie.

5. The Friend


We've all seen it. The guy who says, "Just here for friends." This is? A dating app? Buddy?? And anyway, Bumble offers both Bumble Date and Bumble BFF. If that's what you want, you can literally just...use the friend one.

6. The Dog Trick


The classic, "Yes, you can pet my dog." Do I want to pet his dog? Yes. But if a dog is all he has to offer, I'm not sure it's enough. Stop depending on your innocent doggo to help you score a date.

7. The Mugshot


I mean you don't have to hire a professional photographer for the pictures on your dating profile, but why does it look like your only option was to download your inmate photos from the local police department's website? This ain't it, chief.

8. The Jim Halpert


We just keep coming back to "The Office," don't we? Every man on a dating app fancies himself your average, everyday Jim Halpert.

This is made evident through his bio, which inevitably says, "Just a Jim looking for my Pam," or, much to my amusement, "Just a Jim Halpert looking for my Dwight Schrute."

I'll admit the second one is funny (albeit overused), but please. Only John Krasinski can claim to be Jim. Next.

9. The Group


Oh, the dreaded profile that is exclusively group photos. This isn't a game of "Where's Waldo," pal. Who are you?

10. The Anti-Bio


You've probably seen the guy who makes his bio, "I suck at bios." I don't know anything about you, then. If you can't do any better than that, it's a no from me.

So anyway, I guess that's why men's dating profiles all start to blend together after a while. They're really out here saying things like, "I just want a girl who's unique," while their profiles are endless repetitions.

I didn't choose to like men, but it's a fate I've been forced to accept. Best of luck in your own journeys to find love, single guys, gals, and non-binary pals.

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4 Ways To Avoid Being The "Back Burner" In Any Relationship

You are worth more than that.

Back-burner – postpone consideration of or action on.

You probably see where I’m getting at here. Ever feel like you’re on the “back burner” in the relationship, ya know, always put last, only needed when you provide a benefit, or you are wanted because it’s convenient? Don’t stress, you are not the only one. I’m not talking about relationships specifically but generally, friendships too.

If you know how this feels, it sucks.

Now there are a lot worse things you can be called in a relationship/friendship (cheater, kiss ass, mooch,..the list goes on), but being the “back burner” is probably one of the worst feelings and experiences one can even go through.

I know there are excuses as to “Oh, I’m just too nice” or “I like to be needed,” but stop being too nice and start putting yourself first. Here are four ways (of course not limited to four) to avoid being the back burner in any type of relationship.

1. Focus on your needs and wants before anyone else's.

“Back burners” are known to put off their own schedules to fulfill the needs of others resulting in them becoming stressed and upset with nobody but themselves. Break the cycle. If someone needs a favor from you, make them wait. If someone needs to borrow something of yours, make sure you do not need it. There is nothing wrong with doing favors for people until it becomes excessive like they are asking for the impossible. By doing this, you are creating a gateway for other people’s feelings to come before yours which is anything but healthy in a relationship. Soon you’ll find yourself trading your happiness just to please someone else. Break the cycle before it becomes one.

2. Make yourself less available.

Making yourself “too available” could be a curse or a blessing. If people notice that you will drop what you are doing to do something for them, they are more likely to use you. (Just remember, not everyone is as nice as you are). Fill up your schedule or make an agenda for yourself of things you need to get done. If you honestly do not have anything to do, make excuses. This may be against your morals because it’s technically lying, but you should ask yourself if you really want to tend to the needs of others at the moment.

3. Express how you feel.

Honestly, confrontation on this topic is awkward. Most people don’t even realize they made you the “back burner” friend/boyfriend/girlfriend. So when it’s brought up, most people will have no idea what you are talking about. Isn’t that what friends are for? They are supposed to be there for you in times of need? Wrong. These are not times of needs; they are times of wants. Stand your ground and speak for yourself before you become the norm “back burner.” If whoever you may be confronting just does not get it, or may be in denial, ask yourself, “are they adding value to my life?” or is it just a one way street.

4. Surround yourself with people who just want to be around you.

This pretty much is self-explanatory. Most people think they are stuck, but guess what? You have a choice. You have the power to pick and choose who you want to be surrounded by. Feeling like a “convenience” to a certain someone? Ditch them. It does not matter how much history you had with the person or how much they mean to you. Anyone that close to you should know that you are worth way more than a “back burner.”

These steps may/may not guarantee people will change, but in reality, most people don’t. Remember, not everyone is as nice as you.

Cover Image Credit: Static Pexels

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If You Catfish Your Boyfriend To 'Test' If He'll Cheat, The Problem In Your Relationship Is YOU

News Flash: this is why (when you aren't together anymore) he says you are crazy.


Being in a relationship is not an easy feat. There are many things that are important to have a successful relationship. Trust, honesty, and loyalty are just a few to mention.

A few days ago I was scrolling through Facebook (does this show my age? oof) and came across a video: "CATFISHING my Boyfriend to see if he cheats.. (you won't believe this)" obviously I clicked on it because I was curious. The girl in the video talks about this 'prank' she's going to play on her boyfriend.

First wrong: This is not a prank.

She explains how she has made a fake Instagram account; She made posts using another girl's pictures, followed a bunch of people and then followed her boyfriend.

Second wrong: Using someone else's identity.

She then messaged her boyfriend using this fake Instagram account trying to persuade him into Netflix and chilling. When he replied saying she was cute she started to cry... It went on and on but basically, he ended up proving to her that he would not do that to her.

I'm sorry, WHAT?

OK, let's be real for a second. If you have any need to do this, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG. Trust, honesty, and loyalty are some of the most important things in a relationship... having the need to do this literally just shows that those three things do not exist. But for the sake of it, say you do it.

Only two things can happen...

Scenario one: He cheats (plans to cheat).

If this happens, it probably just proves something that you knew deep down and just didn't want to admit it. So you break up with him. Well, the other girl still exists, but he's going to find out it is you because she does not actually exist. So then you are the one to blame in his eyes because he "would have never done it", he "just thought it was you" and was "testing you". Either way, your relationship is over and has more issues than you already thought.

Scenario two: He does not cheat.

Congrats!!! He's not a cheater. BUT you have issues. You obviously have no trust and do not respect him enough to ask. You also are not being honest in the least bit because are you going to tell him? He will think you are crazy if you tell him. In addition to those issues, you have no sense of loyalty and must have had a reason to test his loyalty... you got a hill to climb.

Either way, you do not look that great and just make the "DUDE, SHE'S CRAZY" actually true. But you know, to each their own.

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