Dating Advice As Told by Full House
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Dating Advice As Told by Full House

Valuable relationship advice from a family classic

Dating Advice As Told by Full House
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Full House is my all-time favorite TV show from my childhood. I went out and bought every single season with my allowance money and watched each episode in order as a kid. It was my jam. Looking back at the show, it had some good advice regarding relationships and the dating game, here are a few.

Don’t wait around for boys.

Boys who are worth keeping around won't leave you hanging, don't sit by the phone and wait. Either make the first move yourself, or just focus on doing your own thing.

Friends come before boys.

Don't ever sacrifice girl-time for the sake of a cute boy. Guys will come and go, but your friends will always be there for you.

Pick a guy who knows how to talk to parents.

The last thing you want is an awkward or rude person to bring home to your parents. Make sure they pass that test before moving forward.

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Love yourself first.

Confidence has been proven to be attractive to guys and girls alike. So focus on loving yourself before changing yourself for a boy.

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Pickup lines were better by Jesse.

Gone are the days when classy lines like these were all you needed to win a girl over. Thanks to innovations like Tinder, pickup lines have gotten a little sloppy. So if you're pulling out a pickup line, it better be smoother than Uncle Jesse's hair gel.

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Exes don’t have to hate each other.

DJ had pretty good relationships with her exes following a breakup. She taught us that following a split, you don't actually have to hate each other. Thanks, Deej.

You have to kiss a few frogs.

It's been said there are plenty of fish in the sea. Which usually means you'll have to date a few of them before you can find the bond that Uncle Jesse and Becky or Steve and DJ had.

Date a good study buddy.

School should be a priority in your life, and a relationship shouldn’t get in the way of that. Date a boy who will sit with you and actually do homework, your grades will thank you for it.

Distance doesn’t change how much you love someone.

Distance can be really hard on relationships, but it doesn't have to be the end of them. If you're both willing to give it a shot, it'll only make you stronger if it works out.

Breakups hurt.

The ice cream and sweatpants is a real thing following a major breakup. Sometimes you have to let yourself hurt before you can move on.

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Family is forever.

Boys will come and go, even friendships will come to an end, but the people who love you unconditionally will always be there no matter what happens.

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"Full House" is known for its family values, life lessons. While it's debatable that I've wasted valuable time in my life binging this show, I can definitely say I got some solid advice out of it. Fuller House, here I come!

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