Reasons To Date A Good Girl

In today's world, I feel like the good girl gets a bad rap. If a girl isn't provocative, loud, and flirty, she's usually overlooked. Guys, while your eye may be drawn to the wild girls, it's better to date a good girl. Here's why:

1. There's less drama.

With any wild child comes plenty of drama, and who wants that? The drama may be interesting for a little while, but it will become exhausting. It's better to go with the good girl and ditch the drama altogether.

2. She'll always down for a chill day at home.

A good girl won't expect you to party with her every night or want you to take her to extravagant places every weekend. She'll be down for a Saturday dedicated to board games or a family movie night.

3. You will be able to trust her.

With a good girl, you won't fret all night about where she is or who she's with. Chances are, she'll be safe at home reading her books or sleeping.

4. She won't require excitement 24/7.

With a good girl, you won't feel like you're on a roller coaster. Where the wild girls like drama, parties, and excitement, a good girl will be content with a steady, healthy relationship centered on love and trust.

5. You won't feel pressured into things.

The habits of a wild child can be expensive and dangerous, but a good girl will spare you the fake IDs and the drug scene.

6. She won't put herself (or you) in embarrassing situations.

Though no girl is perfect, a good girl won't embarrass herself or you in front of other people with her obnoxious behavior and wild lifestyle. No one will be able to find a video of her on Barstool!

7. You'll be able to depend on her.

A good girl is trustworthy and loyal, and you'll be able to depend on her. She won't leave you hanging or let you down.

8. She'll love you genuinely.

The wild girl just wants to have some fun, but the nice girl will love you with all that she has, seeking nothing in return.

9. Family will be important to her.

If you're dating a good girl, chances are, family matters to her. It's so important to be with a family-oriented girl, especially if you're wanting a family of your own someday.

10. She will support you.

A good girl will be dependable and will support your endeavors with enthusiasm and encouragement.

11. She'll have good habits.

The good girl probably isn't addicted to alcohol and partying. Instead, she has healthy habits for herself, like studying, working hard, getting good sleep, and taking care of herself. These habits will make all the difference in her emotional health and yours, too!

12. You'll be able to be vulnerable with her.

She'll ask you about your day and really listen to you. She won't make you feel like your problems are a burden and will genuinely try to help you through things. The good girl will take you seriously and do life with you.

13. She won't suck the life out of you.

A good girl won't suck the life out of you but will add good to your life. She won't be a burden or make your life living hell, but she'll make your life sweeter.

14. Instead of competing with you, she will motivate you.

She won't try to one-up you and turn everything into a competition but, instead, will motivate you to succeed in everything you do. She'll make you want to be a better man.

15. She'll value people, not things.

A good girl isn't a gold digger. With her, you won't feel like she's dating you for your money, because she won't be. She'll date you for the relationship, and she'll have healthy relationships with other people, as well, because people are what she values.

16. Your family will love her.

If you're dating a good girl, you'll probably want to keep her around. Date a girl that you know your mother (and the rest of your family) will adore!

17. You'll be happier in the long run.

A wild party girl may be fun for a night, but a good girl will be better in a long-term relationship. When times get tough and it's time to settle down, the good girl is the one you'll want by your side.

Wild, provocative girls get a lot of attention, but good girls are better for meaningful relationships. If you ever have a choice between a wild child and a nice girl, go with the latter - you'll be happier months down the road. The good girl is the one you should be with and stay with.

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