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6 Reasons To Love A Capricorn

Capricorns are the best, what is there not to love?!

Madison Morgan
Madison Morgan

I am not one of those girls who eats, breathes, and sleeps all things zodiac. However, I do enjoy reading up on my own sign every once in a while. My birthday is December 27, which makes me a Capricorn, AKA the sea-goat. I honestly love being a Capricorn and feel I am one through and through. I love my fellow Capricorns and find there is a special bond between us, after all, we share a lot of similar qualities! There a ton of reasons to love Capricorns because we are the best, but I will save you some time by highlighting the top six.

1. We are super cautious

We proceed with caution in every situation. Dark parking lots at night? Huge no thank you. Reckless behavior? I'll pass. We may play it safe most of the time, but if you are looking for someone who will always have your back and keep your best interest at heart, you came to the right place.

2. We are intellectuals and DO NOT put up with ignorance

There is nothing we hate more than ignorant people. If you are not an intelligent human, do not cross our path. So if you are down for an intellectual partner who can actually hold a thought-provoking conversation for an extended period of time, Capricorn is the way to go.

3. We are very calm and like to keep the peace

There is nothing worse than high maintenance people. We are all about the chill vibes and if that is disrupted, we are not happy campers. We are pretty easy to please which is huge a plus. Keep the water still and we will love you.

4. We are very honest, too much at times

People hate liars. People hate dishonest people, so with a Capricorn, there is nothing to worry about. We pride ourselves on honesty, and to be quite frank, we can really do some damage when we speak our truth. Other than that, it is something to love about us for sure!

5. We are very independent and love to do our own thing

This can be both good and bad, but if you are someone who likes space and little miss independent, Capricorn is your girl. We can be really stubborn if our independence is being compromised, but if you can respect our free-will, we will love and respect you right back.

6. We are very down to earth and grounded

Capricorn is an earth sign, so it only makes sense we are the most down to earth and grounded people! This is my favorite quality about us and it is quite charming. We are super easy to be around and our presence is a blessing.

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