24 Tips To Help You Survive At FSU's 24th Dance Marathon
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24 Tips To Help You Survive At FSU's 24th Dance Marathon

20 long hours are ahead of us.

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On March 1, 2019, 1,000+ college students will enter the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center. These 1,000+ students will stand, dance, play games, and eat for 20 hours all for the kid. In order to make it through the 20 hours, you will need a few things.


My personal favorites are peanut butter crackers and goldfish!

Tennis balls.

You are going to be standing for 20 hours, bring tennis balls to roll out your feet when they start getting sore!

Fanny pack.

Because when your breaking it down on the dance floor, you do not have time to go searching for your bags for your previously mentioned snack.

Portable charger(s).

When it is 7:00 a.m. and you want your friends to bring you chicken minis, you want your phone to be charged so you can make those dreams a reality.


I am not going to sugar coat it. Your feet are going to get sweaty. New pairs of socks will literally change your life. Change them every couple of hours!

Extra money.

Merchandise, sit time, and food trucks, oh my!

Makeup wipes and toner.

Trust me, about 30 minutes after opening ceremonies you will want to take your makeup off. The toner is to refresh your face later! Throw in a fancy sheet mask if you want to!

Duffle bag.

You will pack/buy A LOT of stuff. A duffle bag is definitely the way to go!

Water bottle.

There will be loads of coolers with water. Bring your own bottle to keep track of what is yours!


There are usually theme hours during Dance Marathon. Bring costumes so you can participate in them!


I mean, just throw it in the fanny pack.


To keep your hair out of the way when you are jamming to the tunes.


Sometimes you need a break from all the hype, bring earbuds so you can listen to your own music/watch Netflix.

Get all of your assignments done before Dance Marathon.

Trust me you do not want to be studying/finishing your homework during Dance Marathon.

Download shows on Netflix.

"Friends" is now available for download!


I am not saying you will stink, but you may just need a little refreshing.

 Hair brush.

Your hair will get tangled.

 Hand towel.

You NEED this because every hours, on the hour, you will kneel for a miracle story, and your knees will get sore.

Change of clothes.

I suggest two shirts, two bottoms (I like leggings and Nike shorts), a sweatshirt, pair of tennis shoes and comfy shoes (slippers, Birkenstocks, etc.).


Stay with your friends the whole time and make memories.


There is no telling how you will feel during the marathon. Take some Advil with you in case of an emergency.

 Mints/throw away toothbrush.

We are talking 20 HOURS people!

Hand sanitizer.

There are going to be sick kids there, be polite and make sure you are sanitizing your hands/washing your hands as often as you can!

 A Good Attitude.

Remember who you are standing for.

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