We all know exercise and being fit is part of having a healthy lifestyle. We also know that getting into a routine is the hardest part because it is a commitment. Even if you look forward to going to the gym, the only reason you started going to begin with was for exercise. For us dancers, exercise is not the reason we started, rather, it is because we have a passion.

If you are over going to the gym every day and doing your standard workout routine, maybe it's time to try something new. There are multiple reasons why dancing is good for you, including to improve your overall health.

First off, dancing is a stress reducer. It is both an emotional and physical relief because the movement of dance is simply therapeutic. You get to release worries and the stress of school and work while listening to music and dancing your heart out. Studies show that it also helps improve memory and prevent dementia as you get older.

Dancing sometimes involves movements that require you to use muscles that you wouldn't normally use. It increases flexibility, lessens stiffness, and reduces joint pain as well as post-workout soreness if you stretch correctly. Dancing also improves balance, muscle tone, strength, and confidence. In addition to better balance, it also improves your posture because of the various movements that require you to have a straight and stabilized body.

One thing for sure is that dancing is fun. If you are in a bad mood, sad, or depressed, one way you can guarantee to lift your spirits is through dance. If you are part of a group or school, seeing your friends is also one of the best parts. If you are not part of a dance school or company, you can always join a gym that offers a variety of classes that involve dancing and you will meet new people who you will look forward to seeing every week.

Lastly, dancing is a form of exercise, so naturally, you lose weight! Weight loss is something that everyone is always trying to achieve. By dancing, you are sure to be successful because you are moving and using every part of your body and it is pure cardio. It is better than running or jogging because there isn't as much pressure on your knees. As with any form of cardio, it boosts your energy, which can help you do better in your classes and work.

Dancing has many benefits that will help you in many ways including weight loss, balance, confidence, and stress relief. It is exciting and can be something you look forward to week to week. If you don't already, I hope you try out dancing to change up your exercise routine or just to have some fun!