Self-Care Tips after Long Days

3 Daily Self-Care Tips That Can Help You Through Those Long Days

Long days can seem to get the best of you sometimes, but I like to do three simple things to stay focused and engaged every day.

Caroline Boze

As a college student, life is so fast paced, and it can be easy to not carve out any time for yourself. With going to class, working a job, and having so many fun social obligations, it can be easy to leave yourself out of the equation. Finding a good balance between all your priorities does take some practice, but it's doable. After I started making myself and self-care my number one priority, I could definitely tell a difference. Simple things like walking/running, journaling, and a nightly face mask have given me an outlet to spend time for me.

1. Go for a walk/run

go for run

Any type of exercise is great for your mind. Working out for at least 30 minutes a day has improved my mood, and I highly suggest doing anything to get out of the house, even if it is going for a 10-minute walk. Some days, it is easy to feel confined in one area, but going and doing something can help so much. I especially like going for a run outside to help clear my head and get away from whatever is bothering me that day. There's something about being outside that can put you in a better mood. While I am running or doing any type of workout, I don't have to focus on anything other than that moment (and not passing out).

2. Journaling


Getting your ideas and thoughts out on paper or even typing it out on your computer can be so helpful. Something that I have utilized while journaling is Microsoft Notes because it's so easy to keep different ideas separate. I have several different tabs for different topics that I journal about. Having different topic folders helps keep me organized when I feel like I am jumbled with different thoughts and ideas. One of my favorite journals, though, is a journal my best friend got me for Christmas. This journal challenges you to write about specific things you are thankful for (someone who has enhanced your life, something that made you smile today, etc.), which can help change your mindset on those days that make you feel you can't get a win. Life is all about enjoying all the wins – big or small. Journaling about something that you're thankful for helps put everything into perspective and realize that your life is so amazing. Even just jotting down a bullet-pointed list about what you're thinking is beneficial and super easy. Drawing, even, can be a form of journaling if that is something you enjoy. Visualizing some ideas can be so powerful in helping you achieve a goal. Personally, I like writing everything down.

3. Face masks and relax

face mask

Last, but certainly not least, stocking up on good face masks from the drug store around the corner is a great way to pamper yourself and also feel so much better. There is just something about putting on a face mask before bed that makes me feel accomplished at the end of the day, am I right ladies? I have found that if I wear a face mask and journal, I feel much calmer. Really, if I am wearing a face mask, I try to stay off my phone and do something else. I try to even watch TV or read a book. Right now, I am loving "You Are A Badass" by Jen Sincero. The calmness of a face mask and just having you-time can be so effective at the end of a long day.

Self-care is so, so important. Carving out time for you is so critical for your peace of mind. I started doing these three simple self-care activities, and I could tell a difference in my mood. Finding activities to do for yourself can greatly help clear your mind, and I encourage so many people to find something you enjoy because it helped me.

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