12 Daily iPhone Struggles

12 Daily iPhone Struggles

Common iPhone user dilemmas and how to solve them.

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We can thank Apple for so many things, but for something so incredible and high tech, why do we have so many struggles? I’m at fault for staying true to Apple products even if I become dissatisfied, but I think consumers of non-Apple products would agree with some of these struggles as well. A smartphone is not only a phone, it is a college student’s well-being.

Every day we have to deal with struggles, awkward moments and confusing situations when using our phone, but some can be relatable and funny.

1. Front camera.

When opening your camera, your multiple chin rolls are not the most flattering sight that can pop up on your screen. The struggle of the front camera view happens all too often. A tip to avoid self-embarrassment is reminding yourself to switch the view before you exit your camera.

2. Dropping your phone.

This is the single scariest thing to happen to anyone with an iPhone. Our phone is indestructible until we drop it on a hard surface. We look down as it is laying face down on the concrete and we then begin making promises like, “I’ll never throw you across the room ever again,” “I promise to buy you the best protective case,” “I will lay you on a pillow full of feathers every night.” The only tip I have for this is to buy the protection plan, get a screen protector and just be careful.

3. iCloud.

The Cloud. The thing no one truly understands. It seems the cloud symbol pops up randomly throughout my phone (I assume that it’s in the cloud) but then there are things on my phone I can and can’t access because of the cloud. The solution for iCloud should be a law, either become an expert or don’t use it all, because once it’s in the cloud then everyone has access to it.

4. Notes.

The notes app is something that is dependent on each user. I know for me it is just a list of random thoughts and random things I think I’ll need later. I even have a list of potential dog names for that future puppy I’m determined to have one day. There’s no dilemma for notes, just don’t forget it is there because it can be so helpful if you’re organized.

5. Emojis.

I wonder if the younger generation knew phones before emojis. It’s hilarious to think the amount of meaning an emoji can have in a message. But ever since the recent update, it is always a struggle to find the emoji you are wanting to use. A cool section the emoji keyboard has is the Recently Used, where the keyboard places the most recent emojis you have used, so if you are looking for an emoji look there first before scrambling through the entire list.

6. Siri.

Siri is another device people either use constructively or not at all. Siri can also be very useful if she actually understands what you are trying to ask her. Siri can also be hilarious, so my tip is to ask her to beat box. Just do it.

7. Map app.

I don’t know how our generation would have gotten around without the map app because I know for me I am very dependent on it. But sometimes the maps take you on the scenic route for no reason. Or they have no idea where your destination is. It’s funny how I blame Siri if I get lost when in reality, it’s not her fault, it’s the map she was reading. The only solution to this is preparing yourself before you go drive. Know in your mind where you are going, don’t be dependent on the GPS.

8. Battery.

The other scariest thing to happen to an iPhone, apart from dropping it, is when the battery changes from green to red. But us heavy phone users don’t need to fret no more. Apple has created a unique setting where when our battery is low, iPhone will ask us if we want to change to Low Power Mode. My tip is to click yes. Another tip is obvious, try to spend less time on your phone. The solution here is simple, the less time you spend on your phone, the less battery you will be using.

9. Green messages.

It’s amazing how Apple has created a way to show iPhone users who is and who is not using iMessage. When you see someone sending you a text but the response bubble is green, it is like the message is downgraded. The only information I can give is to review you on what the blue and green bubbles really mean. Blue is iMessage, which means you are texting through Wi-Fi. But when the green bubble appears, this means either you or the person you are texting are using your data to text.

10. Read receipts.

These can get some people in trouble. There’s always that one friend who has their read receipts on and when they don’t respond immediately it automatically makes you either concerned and/or frustrated. Tip #1 I can give you is just turn them off, it’ll save you in the end. Tip #2 is for those who may not understand the Read Receipt toggle. When you have it on it means others will see if you read their messages. It doesn’t mean you can view when your friends read your messages, so refer to Tip #1.

11. Storage.

This is a major dilemma, especially when updates come around. Everyone in our generation has a huge amount of information on our phones (it’s our life) but never enough storage. The only solution is to either purchase more storage or to declutter your phone. Get rid of anything you don’t need. Your phone is a mini-computer and there’s only so much you can keep on it, so keep it neat and keep only the necessities.

12. Phone calls.

In this digital age, phone calls can be the worst to answer. The only calls you probably receive are from your parents and grandparents. But phone calls can be fun, especially when you are miles away from your hometown best friend, so try to call more and text less.

Even though our phones can drive us crazy, we do need them in this day in age, and they can be extremely helpful in many situations. So use them for good, and try not to stress on the day-to-day struggles.

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