When it comes to music, Norwegian-native, Dagny, is no stranger. Having been born into the music world, the 28-year-old always had the profound influence of her parents guiding her down the path to success. Dagny grew up surrounded by the sweet vocals and instrumentals of jazz music, but today, she fronts a vivacious pop sound.

With just about every song on the radio having a pop vibe, Dagny recognizes there’s no room in the industry for backseat tracks and trivial lyrics. She identifies the importance of taking a strategic, yet playful approach to creating her music.

Dagny’s break onto the scene leaves us longing to know more about her creative process, insight into her lyrics, inspirations and overall style. On Spotify, she has more than 580,000 monthly listeners, which is a testament to her incredible talent, as well as her ability to give the fans what they want, while also remaining true to her own thoughts.

Dagny recently released her debut EP, Ultraviolet -- and it’s all around perfection. Her breakout song, Backbeat, off of the new EP is what really brought her name to the public’s eye and into the spotlight. It’s the youthful, nostalgic, lively anthem you need in your life right now. The lyrics make us wish for simpler times in the past while reminding her listeners that memories become so much more desirable when they are at a distance.

Dagny’s music follows music’s most recent trend of pop fused with electronic hints, yet her eclectic style makes her craft stand out in this category. The other tracks on Ultraviolet -- “Too Young,” “Fight Sleep” and “Ultraviolet” -- have a perfectly formulated spot on this EP, and are all individualistic works of art that deserve an honorary spot on your “Fresh Finds” Spotify Playlist.

Dagny’s newest project also includes “Fool’s Gold” -- a collaboration with indie, alt-pop mogul BØRNS. Throughout the song, she begs the question of whether the love she experienced was genuine. It isn't sugarcoated or fabricated; it’s insightful and easily relatable, in the sense that she longs for love and will not settle for anything less than authentic.

Dagny is one of the few artists in this industry that truly understands the hype of our pop culture. Her lyrics are fearless and thoughtful while remaining meaningful in her artistic cultivation of sound.

And if that’s not a reason to become a fan, she gives us more of a reason to love her with her edgy cover of Ultraviolet, where she is seen sporting a trendy bomber and short, white-honey blonde hair. Officially becoming the queen of aesthetics: musically and visually.

As a ‘thank you’ for her fans’ devotion, Dagny spreads the love by creating giveaways and free goodies. For a chance to win a replica of the bold jacket on her EP cover and prove you’re a true fan, you can enter into the Republic Records Dagny contest by following her on Spotify and Twitter, as well as using this official sweepstakes link. There will be 1 grand prize winner and 10 runner ups.

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