Got a toxic friend? Well, let me tell you why getting rid of them is the best thing you could ever do!

I recently had an eye-opening experience where I realized that the people around me for years were actually snakes. But feeling hurt and upset about the situation was the last thing I wanted. The best option was to simply cut them out of life. You might ask why I didn't just talk it out. I think I spent more time talking things out than actually having a normal friendship. Here are four reasons why you should get rid of that pesky "friend" ruining your life.

1. You get rid of the extra baggage

Carrying a toxic friend is just extra weight. Let them go! It is not worth your time lugging around an orb of bad energy. In the end, keeping ties with someone who constantly brings you down will only hurt you. Just leave them behind and live your life without having anyone to hold you back.

2. You're happier

If this "friend" is making you insecure or unhappy when you're around them then I can assure you cutting them off will guarantee happiness. From personal experience, I know that it is not easy to get rid of someone in seconds, but it is definitely worth it. Do anything you need to do to get rid of them in your life and you will see that happiness will radiate. No need to sacrifice your own happiness at the cost of a toxic and useless friendship.

3. No negativity

The people I surrounded myself with continuously had a negative attitude about everything. This made me such a depressed and condescending person just because of my company. And I knew this was definitely not the people I needed to be associating with because I am not that negative person they tried to make me. Cutting them off brought me nothing but optimism and positivity. And as corny as that sounds it really did work. Removing the friends I had resulted in erasing the insecure and pessimistic outlook I had.

4. You feel relieved

It was hard for me to identify that the people around me were toxic. It took many years to even realize I needed to cut them off to better myself, but it all accumulated over time. The tipping point was later than I wanted but I'm glad I got there. Cutting them off made me feel the most relieved I have ever felt. Keeping my life happy and private away from them makes me so relieved that it is only going to get better from here.