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Customify - a free, highly customizable theme

Customify - a free, highly customizable theme

Customify is an intuitive and responsive, multi-user WordPress business theme, designed with a focus on SEO, speed and diverse usage. The theme works with any of your favorite page builders, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, Thrive Architect, Divi, Visual Composer, etc. It is also compatible with all major plugins available in WordPress.customify free wordpress theme. Also check more wordpress themes at the

Functional features of CustomifyAdaptive designCreate web pages that automatically determine the size of the visitor's screen and device orientation and adapt accordingly.
Live WordPress CustomizerConfigure the theme settings and site appearance (color scheme, menus, widgets, background image, etc.) in real time. Feel the power of the external editor set in the default theme.
Simple and highly intuitive designNew to WordPress? Do not worry. You can simply customize the theme without delving into the code. Simplicity and intuitive interface, like never before - a bonus for beginners.

Specialized hosting for WordPress sites!WooCommerce CompatibilityCompatible with the official WordPress e-commerce plugin WooCommerce. Install WooCommerce and turn your website into an online store. Sell your own products online.
Builder supportFully compatible with popular WordPress Page Builder plugins for an efficient and easy process to create the perfect website! Get all the information and support from topic providers.
Highly customizableYou can easily change almost everything. The ease of setting the parameters and settings of the theme allows you to create the highest quality content.

Unlimited colorsExplore the limitless freedom of web design with unlimited colors. Customize almost all areas of your site, fill them with your favorite colors and create attractive web pages.customify free wordpress theme
Demo content availableImport beautifully designed website templates with one click and start setting up your own website. This is the fastest way to have a website with fine-tuning and maximum theme capabilities in the shortest possible time.
SEO friendlyDeveloped by professionals using clean and proven code that search robots love. The theme is compatible with Yoast, All in One SEO and other SEO plugins to attract more SEO features.
Fast and light weightSpeed is important! Create a posh website with this easy theme. The theme is built with minimal and clean code. Information from your site will reach users almost instantly.

Extended TypographyGet a set of stylish and sleek typography options — a carefully crafted set of Google headings, paragraphs and fonts. Show your content in a bold and beautiful design.customify free wordpress theme
Custom CSS (optional CSS)Edit, customize and style any element of your site to suit your needs and blog requirements by adding custom CSS to your WordPress site.

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