Usually, I don't share my poetry but lately my poems have impacted the few people I let read them. I started writing poetry in 5th grade and it was kind of a game with my friends. Little did I know, I would go to compete in slam competitions and open mic events.

These poems were created while on public transportation. Crazy enough every poem that I have written while on transit I've cried during the creation process. I guess being alone with my thoughts makes me emotional. It's easier to cry in front of strangers because I don't care and they usually don't either. So here's two poems: one on a plane and the other on a train.


there's a reason why i like window seats

air time really f***s with my psyche

the thunderous hum of the engine

seems silent compared to the thoughts

that continuously play in loops

my mind wanders to new heights

as tears run down the runway of my face

my insecurities are abundant as the clouds

however the weather fairs for that day

to keep from sniffling intensely

i turn to the window to sleep

so i can fly in peace

sometimes i cry on subways

it's comforting and creepy

being surrounded by people

who give less than a f***

but at least you're not alone

yet, you're stuck staring

at blank cold faces

ears plugged with headphones

everyone focused on themselves

it's not like i expect anything

i like crying and not being asked

What's wrong? Are you okay?

nah, i'm a mess

let me chill as the floodgates

of my lids and lashes fail

someday i'll laugh on subways

but for now i need time to heal