10 Cruise Tips and Tricks for First-Timers
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10 Cruise Tips and Tricks for First-timers

Cruise vacations have become popular not only among the older generation but among the youth. As exciting as it sounds, there are some cruise tips and tricks to learn before your vacation starts. These will help you save some money, spend less on your mobile data and even get free drinks during the tour.

10 Cruise Tips and Tricks for First-timers

The planning stage

You should do your research before booking a cruise. Different companies offer different onboard activities so you can choose according to your preferences. Also, the earlier you book the tickets the cheaper they will be.

Travel insurance

Do not forget to get a travel insurance. There are doctors, hospitals, and nurses on the ships, but it will cost you arms and legs if you get sick or have an accident. If you decide not to get an insurance, bring some medications from home because buying them in the cruise ship's shop will cost you ten times more.

The Internet

Using the Internet on the ships can be tempting; we all want to share our photos on social media or call our friends. But uploading one photo can cost you more than one day of your tour because mobile data and Wi-Fi prices are sky-high on the ships and the connection is usually bad.

If you are connected to the local Wi-Fi channel or you use your mobile data, it would be wise using Zangi Safe Messenger to save money. Zangi consumes the least mobile data compared to other messengers, so calling from the ship via Zangi will cost you around six times less. The connection on the open sea is made via the satellites, and Zangi works fine with the satellite, 2G or slow Wi-Fi connection.

Baggage allowance

You are allowed to take much bigger and heavier bags on the ship than you can on the plane. Cruise lines usually do not have strict baggage policies. It is even possible to bring a bottle of wine on board. But it's much better to pack light because there is not that much space in tiny cabins to keep your clothes.

Room Service

The majority of cruise lines offer free room service; you only tip the delivery person if you want to. Although, you have to pay for the service if it is after 12 AM. You can also ask your room steward to empty the mini-bar for you so you can keep your food and drinks fresh and cold.


There are a few ways to save on alcohol. For example, you are allowed to bring one or two bottles of wine and champagne on board. Another option is to buy the "all you can drink" packages which let you have around seven drinks every day. This is good for those who are ready to drink every day during their vacation. Otherwise, this packages will cost you more than just paying for a single dring.


Cruise ship cabins have a limited number of outlets, especially the old ones. If you want your laptop and phone to be charged, bring your own adapter to increase the number of outlets available. You can also ask your cabin steward whether they have additional adapters.


One of the cruise tips we want to underline for you is to go to the port an hour before the boarding window closes. In this case, it will take just 15 minutes to get checked-in and you will not deal with those long lines. People rush to board the ship right when the boarding starts which leads to long lines.


If you usually get seasick during the cruises, you should book a cabin as low in the ship and as close to the middle part as possible. The middle of the ship moves the least. Even though you will still feel the motion, nausea will not be that bad.

Free Spa

You get daily spa sessions if you buy expensive cruise packages. But if you do not want to overpay you can follow their info sessions on the first day of the trip where they sometimes give free tickets and coupons for their guests. If you decide to buy a spa treatment, book it right away because they fill up quickly.

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