Cringeworthy Facebook Trends From Middle School
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Cringeworthy Facebook Trends From Middle School

Some things I will just never stop being embarassed about.

Cringeworthy Facebook Trends From Middle School

Although Facebook might not seem as big of a deal to us young adults now as it did when we were in middle school, due to the rising of other social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc., most of us still go on the site from time to time, just to see what's happening. I happened to be going through my Facebook this week for one of my classes this semester, and had to take frequent mental breaks once I got to the years below 2013. A lot of old posts of my mine were nothing short of laughable and cringeworthy, and I just could not handle it. Those old posts were what inspired this week's article. I picked some of the old trends us kids used to partake in on Facebook and decided to use them to remind everybody my age how embarrassing we all were back then.

1. Truth is......?

I can't tell you how many "Truth is?" Posts I have both liked AND posted on Facebook in the span of only two years. All I know was that there were too many to count. Some of these posts were presented with other words such as "LMS for a truth is", "Rate or date", "Smash or pass", "Like for a TBH".

2. Any post that included a :$, :%, :@, or XD face.

I'm pretty sure :% and :@ aren't even faces people even used back then in their posts, yet somehow 75% of my middle school posts included those in them. I don't even know what was going through my head, honestly.


Do you know how long it took me to understand that that sequence of letters actually had no significant meaning, and that it was just literally the letters going across in the middle row of a keyboard? I thought each one of those letters represented a word and I just wasn't cool enough to know what they meant.

4. Chain messages

You know what's funny is that these are actually still around. TBH I thought that all died once we got to high school. Nope. It just seems that the older I get, the more nasty and inappropriate the messages get lol.

5. Having poke wars with people

I really don't even want to talk about this one. I am nothing short of embarassed by how much I did this in middle school. What was wrong with me?

6. Different "30 Day Challenges"

You know those challenges that everyday of the month you would post a different picture and tag a different person, and end up not completing the whole month? Yeah, I'm talking about those.

7. Posting your class schedule and saying "Who's in my classes this semester???!!!"

I actually went through my Facebook and deleted all of those posts because I can't believe how corny I actually was by posting them in the first place. I'm pretty sure no one even commented on them anyway lmao.

8. Posting clearly over-edited photos

Going through my Facebook photos, I noticed that I was apparently OBSESSED with the app "Camwow" in 8th grade. There is the same picture of me posted, but with 20 different filters, as if I thought people wouldn't know it was the same damn photo of me. There also seemed to be a lot of photos of me looking off in the distance at something, probably trying to be "artsy" or whatever.

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