When I heard that "Creed II" was finally in theaters, it felt like Christmas came early. That statement was so dramatic but I had to say it. "Creed II" is my favorite movie out of the entire series after my true favorite, "Rocky IV."

Warning, spoilers for "Rocky IV" below

I love "Rocky IV" because it was a major turning point in the series. When they began the movie with an important character's death, it created a solemn feeling that I hoped would not last the rest of the movie. But, it all changed when Rocky trained harder than ever to rise up and beat Ivan Drago. This movie is a classic and I would recommend watching before "Creed II."

Rocky IV (1985) - Movie Trailer [HD] YouTube

"Creed II" is a follow up to "Rocky IV." Many years later, Drago has now trained his son to be an absolute M.A.C.H.I.N.E. so that he can beat Rocky's prodigy. The entire movie, Adonis works through mental and physical pain to find the strength in himself to fight Drago's son. Altogether the story shows a fighter and proves to everyone that with hard work and dedication you can achieve your goals.

CREED II | Official Trailer | MGM YouTube

The "Creed" movies are really good at inspiring people. After I watched the first movie, I left the theater with my adrenaline pumping. It makes me motivated to go and get after certain goals I have been putting off. With his motivation and dedication to do what he loves, he shows others how to be a respectable man. Whether it is losing weight, gaining muscle, cutting or bulking to get the body that you want, you can do it!

I think it's the combination of stories every character gives that makes the story so raw and real. While the music playing in the background helps to keep emotions high throughout the entire movie. I think every person that leaves the theaters after viewing Creed will be given that extra little nudge towards fighting for what they believe in.

I know that in the age of Netflix and OnDemand, it's easy to just illegally download it in your free time, but there are some perks to going to the movies. In my opinion, there is no snack better than movie theater popcorn, when you could put as much butter on it as you want. I also recognize that I am not the first person to say that the prices are ridiculous, but that doesn't stop me from going at least once every few months.

My last reason to go see this movie is pretty superficial, however, I'm going to go ahead and say it anyway. Michael B. Jordan is the lead in this movie, and he is also going to be shirtless. Take that for what its worth.

All in all, "Creed II" was a great movie and I personally give it five stars. So please for the love of every movie worth watching, go out and see "Creed" ASAP.