For a lot of people, cold weather and all things winter are not highly anticipated. The cold weather isn't for everyone. But there are so many simple pleasures that do come with it being cold outside that you can't help but love it. There's a reason there are so many songs about it — Michael Buble agrees with me.

1. Winter clothes are WAY cuter than summer clothes

Leggings, hoodies, chunky sweaters, I could go on and on. There's nothing like being able to relax in comfy sweats or spend a night out in cute jeans and boots. There are simply just more options for your winter wardrobe, and I love it. Try to find me under all these layers.

2. It's finally socially acceptable to drink hot chocolate

Listen, even though hot chocolate doesn't give you the same caffeine boost as coffee, it's a nice warm treat for when the weather gets cold. Nothing says winter like a huge mug full of hot chocolate with all the fixings.

3. Christmas is coming

Maybe this is just me, but when the weather starts to get cold, my mind automatically goes into Christmas mode. We all know Christmas is the best holiday of the year, and the cold weather is merely a reminder of all the Christmas songs written about it.

4. Snowy weather is approaching

There's absolutely NOTHING better than planning to have a full day ahead of you, only for it to be canceled due to snow. Yeah, maybe snow traps you in your house, but it gets you out of your responsibilities for a while. We love a good snow day. Not to mention snow is pretty breathtaking to look at when it first coats the ground, so that's another bonus.

5. It's officially cuddle season

Whether you're cuddling with yourself, your dog, or your bae, it's finally cuddle season. There's nothing quite like cozying up in big fluffy blankets and watching a movie in this weather. Sounds like a date to me!

6. There are more excuses to stay inside and chill

There are definitely fewer things to do in the cold weather when it comes to going out. But for those of us with busier schedules, it gives us a reason to just stay home and relax. Tis the season of being a blanket burrito and lighting a fall scented candle.

7. Winter recess will soon be upon us

For us college students, that month off of school for the holidays is much needed. We get time to finally be with our families and friends and be away from the stress of school for a while. It's like a reset button.

8. It's cool enough to cozy up by the fireplace

If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, the cooler weather means it's finally time to grab the firewood and light it up. Not only is a fireplace aesthetically pleasing, but it's amazing to wrap yourself in a blanket, grab some hot chocolate and cozy up near the fireplace after a long, chilly day.

9. Everything is prettier in the fall and winter months

I live in New York, and there is absolutely nothing like fall/winter in New York City. Regardless of how miserably cold it can get, it's hard to be mad when there are so many beautiful things around you. The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, the festive street art, and the decorated coffee shops bring a certain vibe to the city that makes you forget just how cold it is.

10.  You don't have to worry about being toned in a bathing suit

Another GREAT thing about the cold weather is that since you wear baggier clothes, no one can really see your body shape. This is the perfect time of year to pig out around the holidays with your family and not worry about how you'll look in a bikini. Eat that pumpkin pie, girl.