A Stew Leonard's Love Letter
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A Stew Leonard's Love Letter

And what you should expect at Stew's.

A Stew Leonard's Love Letter
Darien Times

Hello, Stew Leonard’s. How are you? Well, I hope you’re doing just great today because I have to tell you honestly you make my day every time I step foot in your fine establishment.

If you grew up in Connecticut, you may be familiar with the Six Flags of all grocery stores that is Stew Leonards. It made grocery shopping in your childhood feel like you’ve entered an amusement park, where everything moves and sings and there are free samples around every corner.

If you’re not familiar with Stew Leonard’s, well first of all, I’m truly sorry. But let me just inform you on what you’re missing and why you should travel from wherever you are in the world and go to this store.

First of all, Stew’s brings the barn to your town. It just looks so cute, and even by just looking at the outside, you know fun is about to be had.

Walking up to Stew’s, you know goodness is about to come. The smells start to waft in the air.. The smells of the homemade, in-house creations that you know -you just know you’re getting samples of.

You walk in, and you’re instantly greeted by smiling faces (because who is not smiling at Stew’s?) and even on the inside it looks like a barn.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll bump into this guy too.

Immediately, you’re hit with the free samples. In my local Stew’s in Danbury, CT, the very first section is the baked goods. What a way to start your Stew’s journey. Fresh (and sometimes warm!) samples are served to you left and right, like chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and my personal favorite, the apple cider donuts.

Look at her. She knows she just created something God-like.

After walking through the baked goods with your cart already full with cakes you don’t need and fresh baked cheddar bagels, you may think that just because you’re about to go through the fruit and veggie section, you’re gonna be bored and just rush through it. WRONG!! Slow down and take a chill pill. Because there is a DANCING Chiquita Banana that will serenade you that you just cannot miss.

JUST LOOK how absolutely thrilled this woman is to see a dancing banana!!

And you probably still think milk is boring too. Excuse me, but Stew’s is the largest dairy market in the world and if you think for a second they wouldn’t have a country band of milk cartons then you are wrong AGAIN.

The animatronic milk cartons are my favorite things from my childhood, hands down. I always wanted to be the chocolate milk playing the drums. (Note the chorus of butters in the back.)

As you still hit up fantastic samples, like turkey burgers, parmesan and paprika pork chops, and chips and guac, you will find even more fantastic animatronics around the store.

Like Clover the Cow. Pull on the rope and she’ll moo just for you.

Or Cindy Celery and Larry Lettuce, making eating veggies infinitely cooler.

…And… this guy.

The fantastical, magical maze that is Stew Leonard’s seems to go on forever, it’s exciting twists and turns bringing you delicious food. At the end, you are rewarded with the Stew’s buffet.

Suddenly, you’re at a country hoedown and you’re about to go ham wild on some food. Stew’s has a sushi station, a Chinese buffet, pizza galore, and… salad… But my favorite section of this amazing buffet just has to be where all those chicken wings are, sitting side by side with the mozzarella sticks and fried broccoli cheese balls.

When you check out, you really don’t care what they charge on your credit card as long as you get to take everything home with you. Then you leave, already missing the memories you made at Stew Leonards.

If you haven’t been because you just don’t live near one, make up an excuse to visit Connecticut and get your butt to Stew’s. And if you’ve been and this article made you smile, even just a little bit, go visit your local Stew Leonard’s and make everyone who works there smile!!

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