I’ve got three amazing little cousins all of whom I adore. The amount of love I have for them is ridiculously huge. Anyone who knows me well knows I love them because after every visit, I rave about them to my friends. They are undoubtedly some of my favorite people on Earth. If you are in the same boat floating in a sea of bubbly bliss with your own cousins, you may be guilty of some, or all, of the following.

1. You feel like a proud mom whenever they accomplish something wonderful.

Whether it be getting a strike in bowling or scoring in a soccer game, you feel that swell of pride that mothers feel watching their babies succeed.

2. You actually enjoy their early morning wake-up calls.

Having your blankets yanked off, being doused in cold water, or getting shot with rubber bands--whatever the wake-up tactic may be, you secretly relish in those early mornings.

3. They are your phone lock screen.

What better thing to see every time you use your phone than their smiling faces (or goofy faces, since it's hard to get them to all be serious at the same time when taking a picture).

4. You would literally do anything for them.

They mean the world to you, so nothing they ask for is too much.

5. You are okay with making a fool out of yourself when you're with them.

Singing off-key and making animal noises are among the things you gladly do.

6. You could hug them for all eternity.

(Okay, maybe not that long, but pretty darn close).

7. You talk about them all of the time.

Me on a daily basis: Did I already tell you about the time my cousins...I did? Okay...what about the time when...oh, I already told you about that too? Well, anyway, my cousins are the best.

8. You would drop everything to hang out with them.

You don't get to see them all of the time, so you jump on (or forcefully tackle) any chance to hang out with them.

9. They make you laugh constantly.

Never a dull moment with them, even if the laughter is prompted by a prank played on yourself.

10. You get excited thinking about witnessing milestones in their lives.

You are eager to be there for their graduations, weddings, college acceptances, first jobs, first relationships, etc.

11. You can never get mad at them.

Even if they spray you with unpleasant odors, yank at your hair, or throw things at you, you find yourself grinning as you "reprimand" them.

12. You smile perpetually when you are near them.

Did you just win a million dollars? Did you get proposed to? Did you meet your favorite celebrity? Nope, you hung out with the cousins. Just thinking about them makes you smile!

13. You treasure anything they make you.

Bracelets, clay figurines, duct tape purses...they all equate to the worth of sport's cars or diamond necklaces. Literally, they could draw a smiley face on a dirt-laden rock and you'd add it to your collection of valuables.

The next thing on my things-to-do-with-my-little-cousins bucket list, is to take them to an amusement park because it would be a blast, and more generally speaking, little cousins make every activity more fun. Having little cousins is the greatest thing ever. They grow up all too fast, so enjoy every second you have with them.