The Never-Miss Couple's Guide To Interacting On Social Media
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The Never-Miss Couple's Guide To Interacting On Social Media

All the most important do's and don'ts.

The Never-Miss Couple's Guide To Interacting On Social Media

For those of you who are in loving relationships this Valentine's Day - there's no need to worry, we've got you covered with all the do's and don'ts for letting the world know how happy you are. Here's the never-miss couple's guide to interacting on social media.

How often should couples post about each other over social media?

All day, every day. If you don't keep your faithful friends and followers up to date, nobody will. There's no need to hold back on the internet-love. Bathroom selfies, kiss-on-the-cheek pictures and piggyback ride photos are just some of the most widely adored couple pics out there. If your feed doesn't have a daily update, someone may begin to think you've broken up, and you can't have that.

Should dating couples have their anniversary date and/or significant other's name in their bios?

This is very important. If you do not have your partner's name in both your Instagram and Twitter bios, people are likely to forget you're in a relationship at all. It's necessary to keep them constantly reminded. A few heart emojis next to the name of your significant other will lock in your status.

Is it important for couples to post pictures of themselves kissing each other?

Great question. Full-on kissing selfies are an excellent way to let your friends and followers know you're happily taken; however, it's actually not an enjoyable experience for friends to witness you mid-makeout. Posting your lip-lock is sure to generate more eye rolls than likes, so you may want to take a pass. Your friends will appreciate you straying from this communication faux-pas.

Can it be a serious relationship if it isn't Facebook official?

Debatable. You see, most people don't even speak to each other anymore, as they retain all of their information about loved ones online. If you don't make sure your profile includes the coveted "in a relationship" status, there may be some mass confusion as to whether you're really dating someone or not. This could disturb the general order of the universe.

What are acceptable captions to post with my pictures?

Ed Sheeran lyrics. Quotes from The Fault In Our Stars. Still in need of inspiration? There's a site for that.

What should couples call each other over social media?

Thankfully, the 21st century has brought about a whole genre of nicknames you can call your significant other, all of which are post worthy. But if you want something more original than Bae or Queen, you're in luck - there's also a site for that.

Is social media an acceptable place for couples to get hash out arguments?

Facebook fights almost always end in calm and peaceful resolution, as do passive-aggressive Instagram posts and angry Twitter conversations. If you're aiming to strengthen the relationship and keep things running smoothly, online communication is the way to go. Nothing like avoiding face-to-face confrontation to make the digital world go round.

These are just some of the basics to appropriate couple interaction over social media. Keep your friends close and your significant others closer this Valentine's Day, with these never-miss rules to the world of online communication.

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