10 Signs You And Your Boo Are THAT Couple (Please Get Help)
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10 Signs You And Your Boo Are THAT Couple (Please Get Help)

It's time to face the facts: y'all are gross

10 Signs You And Your Boo Are THAT Couple (Please Get Help)
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By this point in our lives, we've probably encountered our fair shares of couples to admire, couples to envy, couples to gush over… and those couples that we absolutely can't stand. You know who I'm talking about—"THAT couple" whose overwhelming displays of PDA, obsession with sex, and constant begging to have their cuteness noticed are making your stomach turn.

Not sure if you and your sweetie are that unnerving? Check out the list below for some signs that you just might be THAT couple.

1. Your mutual friends tend to only invite you to hang out separately

Before you get offended, know that it's pure self-defense.Your friends are just trying to prevent themselves from having to watch you and your S.O. climb each other like trees all night long.

2. Your best friend rolls their eyes whenever you mention your S.O.'s name in conversation (for the tenth time)

She loves you too much to say something aloud, but her expression says it all—you are obsessed with your sweetheart and it's gotten way out of hand.

3. Your roommate is evicted from your place at least three times a week so you and your S.O. can get it on

The last-minute texts asking her to vacate the premises ASAP? Maybe once in a while, they're excusable, but if you're kicking her out several times a week to do the deed with your bae, she's definitely cursing you under her breath.

4. Your family keeps saying that "yes, you can have them over for dinner soon" without ever following through

Maybe they think your boyfriend is too crass or that your girlfriend doesn't treat you right. Either way, your parents bet that your latest lover would sooner score a place in prison than at your dinner table.

5. The rest of the people in your hall are all too familiar with what you sound like in the bedroom

Scan the hallway next time for uncomfortable looks from your peers as you walk by. If they look utterly disturbed, it's probably because they've heard a lot more about your sex life than they ever wanted to know. The walls are thinner than you might think, my dear.

6. Your friends keep trying to set you up with someone new as if they've ~forgotten~ that you're in a relationship

"Oh, right, I totally forgot you're with *so-and-so*!"

Yeah, right. They're shaking their fists at the sky, wondering why the Lord hasn't answered their prayers to get their friend back from the clutches of the demon they're still dating.

7. You get glared at for engaging in excessive PDA at least once a day

You and your significant other play tonsil hockey in broad daylight for everyone to witness, much to their distaste. Bonus points if they can HEAR you two making out as well as see and fail to un-see it.

8. No one says anything when you joke about you and your bae being "relationship goals"

Your comment is met with exchanged glances and nervous laughter, but nobody agrees with what you've proposed. You could argue that they didn't disagree, either, but let's face it— their silence speaks volumes.

9. You use way too many pet names for each other…in public

"Aww, my sweet darling schnookums apple-pie vanilla frosting sugar gummy bear honey bee…"

Oh. My. God.

10. You've been outright TOLD that you're "THAT couple"

You've heard straight from the source that you and your lover are just too unbearable for words. Now's the time to move past denial and head towards acceptance; you've officially earned the title of "THAT couple."

If you and your S.O. identify with any of the scenarios above, know that there is hope for recovery. To bounce back from this, all you have to do is stop(or at least calm down)!

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