7 Gift Ideas For The Country-At-Heart Boyfriend

As if men were not already hard enough to shop for, it gets even more difficult when he prefers to live a country lifestyle. He typically doesn't want the usual city slicker or urban lifestyle gifts. As someone who has to shop for this type of mildly difficult person (whom I love very much), here is some advice and ideas for other girls who may be in the same boat!

1. Ammunition

If you're dating someone who loves to hunt, shoot in the desert, or head to the range, ammunition is a perfect gift idea. Make sure you know what kind of gun they use, and what caliber of ammunition it requires. Smaller caliber ammo for rifles (such as .22) typically runs about $10 for 50 rounds. Larger ammo, such as 30-06, is usually near a dollar a bullet.

2. Carhartt Gift Cards

Carhartt is the perfect clothing outfitter for your outdoorsy man. They carry thick flannels, durable coats, work gloves, work pants, and much more. They also carry extended sizes such as 2X and 3X, which is perfect for me considering my boyfriend is a 6'8" college lineman.

3. Hydroflasks

"I put ice in yesterday, and it's still cold!" It's important that your man has a durable water bottle to keep him hydrated while he's hunting, working outdoors, or fixing his truck. If he already has a hydro flask, he could always use another!

4. Ariat Boots

Ariat boots are well-made cowboy boots that last for years. They typically run around $150, and will certainly make your man happy. They come in a variety of round toe and square toe depending on what he prefers, and they often have special editions such as the Salute to Service which has camo around the edges and a military flag patch.

5. American Flag Decor

If your boyfriend is like many men, he probably doesn't have more than a bed, TV, and gaming console in his room. Who couldn't use some decor? An American Flag wood pallet or American flag clock will surely decorate his room in a way that suits his tastes.

6. Auto Store Gift Cards

Most men that prefer the country lifestyle are also keen mechanics on their vehicles. Whether he drives a large truck or a car, there are usually always repairs or additions he would like to make to his vehicle. Gift cards to stores such as AutoZone, O'Reilly's, Advance Auto, or others allows him to buy oil for an oil change, purchase parts for the engine, or whatever else his heart desires.

7. Quality Time and Love

Many country-type men are not demanding gifts or expensive things. They simply want to spend time with you driving around, going on dates, or cuddling at home. This is a free gift that will make his heart happier than anything. His kind heart will be touched that you simply want to spend time with him!

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