Corinne is the new woman that America loves to hate... and there's certainly a lot to hate. Watching her on this season of The Bachelor, though, I've realized that Corinne says and does a lot of things that directly correlate to my life as a college student.

1) Naps. Are. Life.

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2) If naps are life, food is everything.

3) When your professor tells you the test is open book.

4) Sometimes, you just need to pig out.

5) You can't afford the food you want on your budget.

6) Good champagne is a must when you're with your girls.

7) The morning after an all-nighter of studying and copious amounts of caffeine.

8) When you're at your favorite college bar and have to use the bathroom.

9) When you try to show your family how much you've matured while being away.

10) The moment you realize you shouldn't have had that last tequila shot.

11) When your professor hands back the test you thought you failed, but you actually got a good grade.

12) Sometimes, you just need your mom.

13) When you binge watch Gossip Girl over winter break--- because what else is there to do?

14) When your professor says the final exam is cumulative.

15) When you come home and run into everyone you hate from high school.