Corinna Olympios Is The Most Relatable Bachelor Contestant Of All Time
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Corinna Olympios Is The Most Relatable Bachelor Contestant Of All Time

Cheese Pasta and Naps? A+

Corinna Olympios Is The Most Relatable Bachelor Contestant Of All Time
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As this years Bachelor season comes to a close, I think we need to look back on one of the most legendary contender of Bachelor History.


Now I know Corinne was a controversial player and honestly, I wasn't a fan of hers until after she was voted off. (I did always like her more than Taylor though #emotionalintelligence)

While during the season, I thought she was annoying and undeserving of Nick's heart, now looking back at all the hilarious moments she had, I see that she is honestly my inner self at time. A true legend. Here are some of Corinne's best moments aka relatable moments.

Cheese Pasta

Cheese pasta is the best invention on earth. Truly. Pasta - good. Cheese - good. Honestly what could be better? Nothing. Corinne could and should be the face of cheese pasta. She should have her own brand.


You're all lying if you say you wouldn't rather nap than do anything else. Napping is honestly so heavenly. Sure, she skipped the rose ceremony. But she had a rose already. Why did you want her stealing your time to talk to Nick if she already got a rose? Just don't worry about it peeps.

The "Rustic" date

Look, I'm all in for farm life and animals but scooping manure on a date is not cute. Sure, I'll help out but why was this a date? It was all a little weird. Corinne knew.

Her Confidence

All I'm gonna say is Corinne is the confident that y'all wish you were.

Raven and Corinne's Cheese Adventure?

This was just hilarious and amazing and honestly I don't even remember what else went on in this episode because Raven shoving cheese in Corinne's mouth was prime TV.


This girl was 20 something and still had a nanny (at this point I would probably call that a servant or maid or butler or idk). I'm just gonna say that I wish I had a Raquel. Don't lie, you wish you did too.

No one will ever be as dramatic and extra as Corinne (no, Krystal is not even close) and now that she is not competing for the Bachelor's heart, I for one am on her team.

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