We humans tend to live life as if its one big Word document

We cut and paste, copy and paste




not our own words, but the ones that others have shoved into our mouths;

we form "our" thoughts out of times new roman never daring to try new fonts.

We're scared to venture too far from the template that our elementary school teachers

and college professors have etched into our brains.

We let others tell our life stories, making assumptions of what lives we live according to a digital world,

they do not truly see us because we hide behind computer screens...

yet we let them tell our stories.

We were not meant to be circus parrots repeating what ringmasters say or scriveners busy making copy after copy after copy...

We let ourselves believe that we are megaphones: mouth wide open spewing beliefs loudly and passionately, when in reality

we are puppets with society grasp so far within our cavities that we've become accustomed to it.

Don't let others write your beginnings and ends.

Stop the typing.

Stop the posting.

Shut the laptop.

Pick up the pen of agency and put it to the paper of possibility,

and write the story in handwriting that can only be yours; let the ink fall heavy in some words and light in others.

Make it colorful even when the rest of the world is dark. Close your eyes to society but open your mind to yourself.

Quiet all the voices in your head but the one that belongs to you.

Write your story,

without stealing from other people's books

or putting too much confidence into passing street signs.

Instead, let your decisions carry you where you're supposed to be.