Cooking Is An Art That Rekindles The Taste Buds
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Cooking Is An Art That Rekindles Not Only The Taste Buds But Also The Spice Of Life

Essentially, I always feel like I'm cooking something in my chemistry labs because we often end up mixing substances together to form a solution and eventually heating/stirring it.

Cooking Is An Art That Rekindles Not Only The Taste Buds But Also The Spice Of Life

Cooking is an art that not only rekindles taste buds but also the spice of life. Wikipedia defines cooking as an "art, technology, science, and craft of preparing food for consumption." What struck me is the idea that cooking is defined as an art, technology, and science. Essentially, I always feel like I'm cooking something in my chemistry labs because we often end up mixing substances together to form a solution and eventually heating/stirring it.

Cooking is a creative form of art in which the chef possesses the complete license to experiment with various types of styles and recipes. It is something that I hope to learn and experiment with in the future. That is to say, cooking does not have a specific formula. Everyone is able to prepare something edible if they add the proper ingredients and a few intricate spices. You can just nonchalantly mix several flavors and spices together to generate a dish which could turn out to be insanely yummy.

Now there is a solid concrete reason why people simply just love to cook! Cooking is a rejuvenating and rhythmic process which satisfies the soul and body. According to health writer, Linda Wasmer Andrews from Psychology Today, "Now culinary therapy is the treatment du jour at a growing number of mental health clinics and therapists offices. It's being used as part of treatment for a wide range of mental and behavioral health conditions."

Whenever a person is cooking, they automatically get lost in their own world filled with peace and tranquility. The feeling is even greater when you are cooking for a whole bunch of people because their reactions will fuel your resilience even more. When others appreciate your cooking after they have tasted your sumptuous masterpiece, you will feel more robustly positive about yourself and your surroundings.

Moreover, cooking ignites your desire to experiment with different types of cuisines which can connect hearts globally. As a matter of fact, I attended a party this weekend and got to try an exquisite Italian dessert called tiramisu. The person who prepared it has tried making something utterly unique and mouth-watering for her guests and it truly felt like I was transported to Italy. The sweet tooth in me awakened once I saw the breathtakingly exotic tiramisu. Suffice to say, cooking resembles performing scientific experiments because it is an artistic science which functions to fuel us with a bunch of ATP, i.e. energy.

Beyond the scientific aspect of it, there is also a subtle romantic dimension to it. I have heard a lot of women, especially my mom, say that the way to get inside a man's heart is through his stomach. And the method to do so is to feed him with the most delicious meal as possible. Hearing this coming from the women is a bit hilarious but it surely holds some magic or else my dad would not have been licking his fingers and wanting more even after he's done with his meal. In addition, many couples tend to partake in this soothing activity of cooking together. As Andrews asserts, "Cooking with a partner can spur communication and cooperation."

Cooking is indeed the spice of life which connects hearts and unites us all globally. So when you cook, you truly end up embracing the spice of life!

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