'Holistic Medicine Saved My Brother's Life'
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'Holistic Medicine Saved My Brother's Life'

After a decade-long battle with mold poisoning, my friend's family was finally rescued from temporary paralysis, blindness, and organ failure.

'Holistic Medicine Saved My Brother's Life'

In 2018, I came down with a sudden case of intense fatigue, exhaustion, and constant stomach pain. After a month of finding no relief, I was taken for several physicals, tested for mono, and given vitamin B12 shots, among other things. Nothing helped. I spent my days struggling to do simple tasks, and focusing on anything was incredibly difficult. When I worried, cramps and nausea would immediately assault my stomach, and the "anxiety attacks" always lasted for at least 30 minutes. My stomach would bloat so much that it felt like a balloon was expanding beneath my skin. At first I attributed everything to my lack of control over my thoughts, but that still didn't explain my sudden weakness and constant fatigue. I became apathetic, and yet I somehow still felt overwhelming guilt for being so disconnected from reality. I worried about everything and cared about nothing.

My symptoms started in March 2018, and my mom finally dragged me to her doctor by the end of July 2018. At the time, he was a certified kinesiologist and chiropractor. My mom took me to see him a few months before he retired. He specialized in muscle-testing, which describes the testing of the human body through analyzing how an individual's muscles react to different substances. According to the doctor, different organs are directly "connected" to different muscles, and the reactions of muscles inform us of our organs' reactions to food and—surprisingly—emotions. The application of kinesiology and muscle testing was perfected by those who practiced ancient Chinese medicine. Today, holistic treatments through kinesiology and muscle testing are rarely discussed, but they are incredibly effective. Holistic medicine focuses on the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of all of its patients.

My doctor quickly discovered that I was suffering from intense adrenal fatigue. After several months of visiting my doctor and carefully describing everything I'd been through psychologically and physically, my symptoms gradually began to subside. The supplements that the doctor put me on were extremely powerful, and they impacted all of my hormones and my entire adrenal system directly. Taking too much was almost as harmful as my initial adrenal gland fatigue. It's been over a year, but today my doctor can't find anything wrong with me. I've even been able to forego the supplements and I haven't had stomach pain in months.

Of course, many people experience far more excruciating pain than any that I've ever been through. According Delia Van Heukelem, whose family was treated for mold poisoning in Denver, Colorado:

"When my brother Huntley was born, he appeared to be completely fine. But when he was not even a week old, we started to notice that he was getting jaundice. My parents went to doctors and hospitals for numerous scans and tests to find what was wrong with him, but they didn't find the root of his problems. They saw that his organs were beginning to fail, and he was going blind. This was exactly 4 years ago. Then one of my mom's friends mentioned something about mold poisoning, and my mom instantly made the connection, since we've seen mold in our house."

According to Delia, her family moved out of their house and immediately visited a kinesiologist. The doctor was able to muscle test the entire family, and found that they were all suffering from mold poisoning. The doctor soon discovered that the breast milk Huntley was given had been contaminated by the mold. Huntley was taken to a nutritionist. There, the nutritionist provided the family with a formula that soothed the baby's internal organs. Being away from the mold and contaminated formula allowed Huntley's immune system to recover. Today, he is completely healthy, with no lingering side-effects.

However, that is not the end of Delia's story. Delia's mom explained in an email,

"Growing up in a contaminated house, [my daughter] Anneliese had digestive problems and fatigue. Since living in a clean home, those symptoms are gone, but anytime she is re-exposed to mold in another building, she experiences a painful paralysis and breathing difficulties… [Most] doctors in Colorado are not trained in Toxic Mold, most of them have no idea what to do, and the few that [do] couldn't help Anneliese's paralysis."

Although Delia's family has mostly recovered from their illnesses due to muscle testing, specific nutrition, acupressure, and vitamins, they still have to be careful about their environment and what they eat. According to Delia's mom, the family has had over 100 appointments with their kinesiologist. Mold is also increasingly harmful for people who've already been exposed to mold poisoning if they encounter it again.

Delia has adjusted to her new life without mold, and she is now safe in buildings that do have mold for short amounts of time. Though she was once casein intolerant, gluten intolerant, and allergic to corn, eggs, soy, and chocolate, Delia's allergies are no longer existent. Her chronic fatigue and exhaustion do not haunt her anymore. This is all attributed to the accuracy of muscle testing and holistic medicine. Delia finished her story, saying,

"Holistic medicine saved my brother's life…He was almost going to die. The doctor said he didn't have long to live…"

If you have any doubts about your health, please consider alternative medicine. It changed my life and it saved Delia's.

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