Just the other night, I had a moment where I realized that I was having a difficult time allowing myself the permission to rest in my own home without guilt when I had the time to do so. I felt like I needed to be doing something, as most of us always do, in this fast paced society.

After I had reflected on this, I realized that instead of being hard on myself for doing nothing when I had the time to rest; I should turn that into gratitude for the fact that I do have the time to pause and rejuvenate. In such a buzzing world, rest is an important factor in creating a healthy balance wherein productivity can be most effective.

So, take the moments that you have to relax. Trust that you can let go for a little bit and that the world will not end. Give yourself permission to take a break. That is the only way to healthily go. You are doing so much, and it is enough. It's okay and necessary to let your mind breathe.

That being said, here are five ways that you can start including healthy rest in your everyday routine:

1. Create a sleeping schedule.

Consistency in sleep is so important in getting proper rest! On school/work days especially, try to plan a set time to go to bed and a set time to wake up in the morning. Shoot for at least 8 hours every night.

(note: it's important to remember that if you do slip on this, because you're human-- don't be so hard on yourself! That will just make you feel more exhausted. Just try again next time :) )

Also, it only makes it better to implement a sleep routine! (i.e., drink your favorite tea, read a book, journal, listen to music, shower, play a relaxing game, etc)

All of these tools will help enhance your sleeping regime & assist in proper rest.

2. Get all of your school work done during the daytime before you come home for the night.

This is a boundary that I just recently attached to my own routine! I realized that one of the things that was most impacting my ability to rest & relax was the fact that I would still have homework to do by the time I came home after classes ended.

This interfered with my relaxation because I wanted to rest but also had the nagging thought in my head of still having work to do, which led me to being stuck in a swirl of tiredness and procrastination.

As a solution, staying on campus/at work until all of your homework is done for the next day before going home for the day/night is a policy that will leave you feeling refreshed and accomplished by the time you do get home!

That way, you also won't have the temptation to procrastinate while you're doing homework in or near your bed. That's a dangerous game to play. (Trust me, I've learned from experience!)

3. Take an epsom salt bath.

Lavender. Epsom salt. Bubbles. Hot bath water. Chill Music. =Beauty.

Epsom salt helps with releasing muscle tension as well as clearing all toxins within the body! The lavender along with that assists in calming and help with anxiety. :)

4. Try constructive rest for 10 minutes straight.

Ok. So I learned this magical exercise in my movement class of senior year at Interlochen Arts Academy. Our teacher had us lay in this position for 70 minutes on the floor, and she's a badass, so I knew it had to be something legitimate.

The constructive rest position is the body's natural resting position.

How to do it: Lie on the floor on your back with the feet flat on the ground, knees resting against each other, arms to the sides with palms facing upwards, and close your eyes.

If you're feeling exhausted but are having a busy day with hardly any breaks, this is a GREAT tool to use. Lying in this position for any amount of time can automatically begin to revitalize the body naturally.

5. Indulge in a hobby

Rest comes in many forms and can really mean anything as long as it works for you! Go for a nature walk, write music, sing, spend quality time with friends, recharge alone, and do anything that let's your soul rest easy.

Life is busy and always full of responsibility. You not only need it, but you deserve the chance to breathe.