Confidence Is The Key To Success

Confidence Is The Key To Success

Confidence may or may not be the most important factor in leading a fulfilled life

Katie Zampolin

Confidence is arguably the most important quality that many teenagers and young adults lack. Confidence helps form healthy relationships and leadership roles that are essential for growth both educationally and socially. Low-self esteem and poor body image are internal battles that most young people, no matter what gender, struggle with leading them to counter their efforts toward success. Now that's not good.

We all know that there are tons of numbers and boring statistics out there to tell about the high rates of low self-confidence among young people. Although we may not want to keep seeing them, it is useful to talk about and educate ourselves on the importance of confidence. I mean there are so many tests and studies were done on self-esteem and confidence that it must be important, right?

Confidence is something we need to move forward and succeed. Studies show that high percentages of both girls and boys refrain from everyday activities, such as going to school or class, because they are worried about what they look like or who is going to be paying attention to them.

How can we progress if our insecurities keep us from participating in our everyday routine? Too many teens and young adults approach situations without faith in themselves, ultimately leading to poor outcomes. Confidence drives both mental and physical health and boosts motivation. Teenagers and young adults are the first to put themselves down and are always focused on their mistakes rather than their accomplishments. We are our biggest criticizers, but too often forget to also be our biggest supporters.

What people who have problems with confidence fail to realize is that a strong support system starts with ourself. We also tend to forget about our many other supporters and bottle up our thoughts when we are feeling upset and uncertain. It is never good going to a class or job interview feeling upset and uncertain. Tweaking our mindset to feel certain and confident that we will succeed generally leads to better success.

Some people confuse confidence with cockiness. There is a huge difference between the two, but many of us have a hard time recognizing this difference. Confidence is encouraged. It is being able to notice and build upon our strengths. It is knowing that we can make the accomplishment. We should not be scared or feel bad that we are confident. Shying down because of insecurities holds us back from taking risks and making progress that will help us in the long run.

Confidence is clearly an essential factor to life mainly because it impacts our happiness. Being able to set aside our failures and go into the future with a positive attitude is the key to success. There is a genius in all of us, and it is our job to acknowledge it. Whether we are first or last, winning or losing, we need to develop our confidence and keep pushing forward. Having confidence is what will lead us to advance and gain delight in our lives. All we have to do is ignore our insecurities and stop putting ourselves down. Once we accomplish this, we will be set for a prosperous life. Confidence is key.

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