There are some people who prefer three square meals a day and maybe a snack here or there. Then, there are people like me who just love to snack. I would much rather snack casually all day on my favorite goodies than stuff myself in one sitting. We snackers are all the same. If we aren't snacking, we simply aren't at our happiest. Constantly eating is just way more fun than doing it only three times a day. For all of my snack-obsessed people out there, here is what unites us all.

1. We always bring snacks with us wherever we go, just in case.

Packing snacks has become a part of our daily routines.

2. Going to the grocery store is the highlight of our week because we get to stock up on our favorite goodies.

The supermarket has seemingly endless possibilities for snacks. To be honest, we could spend hours there.

3. Everyone looks at us funny when we snack loudly in public places, like in class or at the library.

We will make no apologies for snacking too loud. A snacker has to do what a snacker has to do.

4. If we look in our bag and realize that we forgot to pack snacks, we absolutely panic and run to the nearest store.

A day without snacks is a day wasted.

5. We break the bank to make sure we have our favorite snacks at all times.

We basically spend all of our money on snacks, leaving no money available for anything else.

6. When we run out of our favorite goodies, we feel sad.

The snack-less feeling is not a pleasant one.

7. We always find snacks that we forgot to eat in the most random places.

Finding forgotten snacks is the best!

8. We are always on the lookout for new snacks to try.

There is nothing better than adding to our collection of snacks. New flavors and variations spice things up and make the snacking world interesting.

9. We just really love our snacks. That is all.

Once a snacker, always a snacker.