I recently asked this question, "What is your favorite part about going to concerts and why?" to a few people and these are their responses:

"My favorite thing about going to concerts is the community feeling. Feeling like you genuinely belong because no matter what, you know you have at least something in common with everyone around you that's there, and that's a love for music and that artist. Finding lifelong friends at these shows through that music is one of the most amazing feelings and creates amazing bonds with amazing people.

The energy is also astounding because everyone's so excited to be there, to see that artist in the flesh and hear the music right from the band in front of their face and not just out of a speaker on a phone or in a car. When the artist feeds off that energy and genuinely appears to be loving the crowd and the emotion in the atmosphere, it truly connects you more to that artist and the people around you, all around it's an amazing experience and the exact reason I love going to shows."

"Mine definitely is when the bass feels like your heartbeat because I feel like that just puts you in an element where it's just you and the artist."

"Tailgating is my favorite part."

"The music, the rush, the FUNNN!!!"

"My favorite part about concerts is being able to enjoy some good music with some good friends. There is just a great rush you feel when you are listening to some of your favorite music and getting to enjoy it with the ones that mean the most to you."

I am now going to tell you guys why I love concerts and why! I love going to concerts and having a good time with good friends enjoying the music and seeing my favorite artists! Why? Because I love the rush of all the people yelling and singing the songs!