Ever heard of the British band called The 1975? Well, if you have not, I highly suggest you check out their music. The 1975 is described as an alternative rock or pop rock band. They currently have two albums out called “The 1975” and “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.” I have been trying to see The 1975 live for years now, but they typically only perform in small venues. Small venues as you probably know sell out fairly quickly, especially in big cities like Los Angeles. My best friend and sorority sister Autumn and I have been trying to get tickets to see them ever since our freshman year in college. Luck was never on our side because the concerts have either been when we had class or have been entirely sold out. Surprisingly this time we were fortunate enough to find two tickets to their show at The Forum. We counted down the days up until the show which was on October 14, 2016 starting at 8 in the evening.

We ended up going with two other sorority sisters to the show that night. Since we all had prior commitments before the concert, we ended up missing the opening act which we were fine with as long as we did not miss The 1975 on stage. After the circling around the parking lot at The Forum, we paid the lovely fee of $25 before going to the main entrance to get our tickets scanned. Since we had gotten our tickets off of StubHub (a ticket resale website), there is always that 1% chance that the ticket was somehow fake. The more we walked around the venue, the more excited we all got. Before sitting in our seats, we had to make a stop in the merchandise stand. I have a collection of shirts that I get from every concert I go to so The 1975 was no exception. We finally got to our seats which were on the right hand side of the venue. The Forum is not a huge venue so any seat you do get is pretty good in my opinion.

About fifteen minutes of waiting, the lights began to slowly dim then then we could all see the shadows of the guys getting ready on stage. The show started and the whole venue went wild. The most colorful stage graphics appeared right from the start. I have been to a fair share of concerts and I have never seen a more beautiful stage. The color palette was vibrant during some songs which correlates to their theme of their second album which is a bright pink and white album cover. When they performed songs from their debut album, the backdrops were darker with a palette of mostly blacks and greys. They utilized technology to the very fullest with all the special effects the stage backdrop had throughout the concert. The band performed a lot of their hits like Chocolate and Girls from their debut album along with many fan favorites. They also performed songs from their second album which included The Sound, She’s American, and my personal favorite If I Believe You. They sounded exactly like their album which I appreciated a lot since some artists have too much auto tune or have a backup track playing while they performed. The concert lasted a little bit over an hour and a half which is pretty typical for most concerts nowadays.

I loved how The 1975 played a mixture of really well known songs and some of their more less talked about songs. At times, some artists only focus on their hit singles instead of the fan favorites. The whole vibe of the concert was so calming yet full of energy from the crowd. My only complaint is that I wish it lasted longer! I wish they could have performed an extra half hour just so I could hear more of their songs live. Overall, The 1975 show at The Forum was definitely worth it. As soon as they hit the stage I became full of joy and happiness that all the songs I listen to on my phone everyday were now being performed right in front of me. I would love to go to another concert of theirs in the future especially when they release new music.