Tips For The Perfect Concert Outfit

Going to a concert anytime soon and you do not know what to wear? If it is your first ever concert experience you probably want to be able to dress to impress, but also be as comfortable as possible for the long night ahead. I have been to different concerts throughout the years and have collected a few tips and tricks for what to wear at your next concert.

  • Always be mindful of the weather for your concert day so research the weather. You do not want to end up wearing shorts and sandals when the weather outside is chilly.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothes to the concert. You will most likely be standing and moving around a lot for long periods of time which means you want to feel comfortable in your clothes. If your idea of comfort is a dress, then wear it! Remember this is a concert, not a runway show so wear the clothing that you like and that you want to wear for a fun night out!
  • If you are short like me, I recommend wearing shoes that give you a little extra height. This could be some regular tennis shoes with a little platform or boots that have a small heel to them. If you are comfortable wearing higher shoes like heels, then go for it! Adding a bit of extra height with your shoe allows you to see over the tall people that could be sitting in front of you at the concert. Additionally, if you have floor seats for the show, there will be people of all different heights trying to get the best view they can so wearing higher shoes gives you an advantage.
  • My favorite items of clothing to wear are pants and a flowy top. Pants are more comfortable to me since my legs do not get marked on by the seat I am sitting in at the show. Plus if it is rainy, cold, or hot, you will most likely not want to put your bare legs on a seat. A flowy top allows you to not get too overheated at the concert. You will most likely be dancing around to the music beside lots of people so the cooler you can be the better! Plus if the show is in a small venue, you will end up being squeezed in with other fans which can get a bit too hot as well.
  • I recommend taking a small shoulder bag with you that holds your phone, a portable charger, your favorite lipstick, and a small wallet to hold your money. Make sure to review the bag regulations though for the concert venue because sometimes even a small shoulder bag is not allowed inside.
  • Do not be afraid to wear merchandise of the artist you are seeing in concert. You are a fan going to a concert so show it proudly!

I hope you find some of these tips helpful for your next concert outfit! Do not forget to have fun while singing and dancing the night away at your show.

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