It's Leo season, which means I my birthday coming up. And that means I take the saying "treat yo self" a bit overboard.

Every July (my birthday month), I have been stopping at all of my favorite coffee places, fast food restaurants, and retail stores to use my birthday reward coupons to get free stuff.

Yes, it's true: you have to sign up for annoying emails in order to receive these birthday coupons, but what did you expect, nothing is totally free these days! It's totally worth it to have 300 more unread emails in your inbox if it means you get a treat from your favorite spots. Here are my favorite deals and a link to sign up to receive them for your B-day.

1. Starbucks

Free drink (any size!) on your birthday

2. Dunkin Donuts


Free drink on your birthday

3. Dairy Queen

Free blizzard on your birthday

4. Rita's


Free Italian ice on your birthday


Free meal on your birthday (Can we take a minute to appreciate this hidden gem?!)

6. Moe's Southwest Grill

Free entree on your birthday (A birthday burrito is my ideal gift.)

7. Outback Steakhouse

Free dessert on your birthday

8. Panera Bread


Free pastry

9. Bruster's

Buy One, Get One Free waffle cone for your birthday

10. Ulta

Free birthday gift (The products they give out are different every year, but they never disappoint!)

11. Anthropologie

15% off for your birthday

12. American Eagle Outfitters

15% off for your birthday