I've dyed my hair almost every color in the rainbow at some point in my life. It's a fun way to express myself, stand out in the crowd, and honestly I just like the way it looks.

But, other people often question the fact that the color of my hair does not fall into the "natural" hair color spectrum, which consists of a million shades of brown (and "red" which is really just a super warm-toned brown).

I have learned to expect a few main reactions in public: stares, compliments, and, you guessed it, weird comments.

Here are five you can anticipate receiving or overhearing if you have a hair color that belongs more on a rainbow than in the "50 shades of brown" spectrum.

1. "Mommy, why is her hair *insert color here*?"


Chances are, you're the first person with green/purple/blue/etc. hair that a child may see in their life. They've never seen a color sprouting out of someone's head that isn't some variation of brown (be it a warm brown, a light brown, a dark brown, etc.).

2. "You must eat a lot of *insert food that is the same color as your hair*."


This is a dad joke that you'll get a lot, and it will never get any funnier.

3. "Did you know your hair is *insert color here*?"


No, I had no idea that I had bright green hair. Must've missed it when I looked in the mirror to brush my teeth this morning.

4. "Wow, that is some *insert color here* hair!"


Thank you...?

5. "Does that wash out?"

Just for Men Hair Color


All colored hair dyes are non-permanent. Permanent hair dyes alter the color of your natural hair permanently, for example with hydrogen peroxide, whereas semi-permanent or temporary colors add color on top of your natural one and fade over time.

There is no such thing as a pink hair dye that will last "forever" and not fade away eventually, whether it's after one wash or twenty washes (which is realistically almost impossible to achieve for a pink dye).

So, yes, it will wash out, but most likely not as quickly as a lot of adults would like it to.