Summer Lovin’ in Colorado: A Romantic Road Trip Itinerary

While cold weather may be great for staying in and snuggling to stay warm, hot weather brings opportunity for new adventures and exciting romantic getaways. There's nothing quite like jumping in the car and hitting the road with your partner, headed toward a place neither of you has been before.

The drive from Denver to Telluride is only seven hours but if you take a moment to stop and enjoy the attractions along the way, your brief drive can turn into a weekend full of sentimental moments you'll remember for a lifetime. Not to mention, it's a perfect way to step back from reality and appreciate the little things in life.

As with most trips, the key to a perfect romantic getaway is balancing enough activities to keep you busy with plenty of time to focus on your sweetheart. Take a look at some of our suggested activities, places to stay and places to eat.


The Denver Botanic Gardens are a hot spot for date-nights in the Denver area. As the weather warms up you'll find dozens of couples touring the gardens, enjoying the sights and taking in the smells of fresh springtime fauna. In the summer you'll want to pack ingredients for a picnic to include a blanket and snacks. The venue offers a variety of live music, both local and national, to those looking for a romantic night out.

For dinner, consider taking your partner to Barolo Grill is an Italian restaurant specializing in romance. Barolo Grill prides itself on its authentic cuisine served with elegance. Its visitors praise the attentiveness of the staff, the wide selection of wines and the chef's specials which change seasonally.

When it's time for rest you'll be glad you booked Hotel Monaco well in advance. You'll sleep comfortably in one of their modernly decorated rooms, complete with deluxe amenities. Before heading off to bed, be sure to take advantage of one of the hotel's complimentary chair massages to get you ready for true relaxation.


On the second day of your trip, you'll want to get up bright and early and head toward the mountains. Colorado has no shortage of outdoor activities to help you escape everyday life and clear your mind. Hop on the highway, likely littered with Subaru's, the state's most popular car, and head for Mt. Evans.

Mt. Evans, located 60 miles southwest of Denver, is a sight worth seeing. It is the highest paved road in North America and a drive to the top will not leave you disappointed. The mountain is elevated at over 14,000 feet and remains open through the warmer months as conditions become dangerous as temperatures begin to cool. If you are looking to go hiking in the area, consider the quarter-mile trail at the mountain's peak. Though this hike will be brief, it will feel much more intense due to the altitude and be much easier to handle in warmer weather. Stopping by in the summer will ensure that you don't miss your chance to take in this incredible view, alongside your loved one.

After a day spent in nature, it would be a shame to miss out on a night under the stars. Complete your day at Guanella Pass Campground which is complete with 18 scattered campsites. If you're feeling adventurous after a long day, or in the morning before you set out for the rest of your trip, check out one of the many access areas branching from the campground.


Two days of driving and fun means it's time for the relaxation portion of your weekend trip. Now that you've made it to Telluride, you can kick back at the Sunny Ridge Summit, a mountain-side single-family home with a breathtaking view. This uniquely styled building is complete with billiards, a full bar, a home theater, a hot tub and several other amenities that will have you never wanting to leave.

At the Sunny Ridge Summit, you can make time your own by taking advantage of all the amenities or simply relaxing with a book and a drink, taking in the view at 1,000 feet above the valley floor. After all, there's nothing more romantic than cuddling up by the fireplace or jumping in the hot tub to top off an incredible weekend dedicated to you and your loved one.

Every romantic relationship benefits from taking the time to get away from everyday life. Whether you're hiking a challenging trail, listening to live music over a bottle of wine or kicking back with a beautiful view — doing these activities with a partner makes them more enjoyable and unforgettable.

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