Short Stories On Odyssey: Color Blind

Ever since she was younger, she was color blind. Similar to how dogs see the world, she could only see shades of grey. As she grew up it was just something she had become accustomed to. Nothing really wrong with it, she learned to love it, in fact. Seeing the world in a way no one else around her could. Finding the beauty in the darkness; this was her life. She'd never known anything other than the greys of the world.

Somehow, things were so normal in her grey world, that she never truly wondered about the other "colors" people could see. Although they had been described to her, she couldn't truly picture them. She found serenity in her greys, regardless of everyone else's color.

Fast forward a few years and she is in college now. Still in her own little world of greys but meeting tons of new people. At this point, she was so concentrated on her new life and school, she forgot all about being color blind.

Until one day.

Sitting around campus was her favorite past time. Not seeing color had never phased her until someone passed by, and all she saw was color. Vibrant new views of blue, green, and yellow...all of her favorite descriptions exploding out of one person...but only him.

While at first, she did not act upon seeing these colors for the first time, she continuously saw him around campus. In her whole world of grey, his colors stand out completely. Everywhere she went she saw him, his beautiful shades of blue, green, and yellow.

She never understood the world in color...but now, that is all she can think about. These colors and why he is the only one she can see them in. Her whole world was grey until he came along.

Once she finally worked up the nerve to talk to him, she saw what she was missing out on. These colors were different aspects of his personality, emotions, and memories. When she learned this, she began questioning what colors radiated from her...were they similar to his and that's why she could only see his colors? Did she not radiate at all to those who saw the world in color? Whatever it is, she didn't want it to change.

It didn't take long for her to grow closer to the boy, and he had no problem with this. He helped her to understand the world and its colors in new ways she had never thought about before.

Although she remained color blind to most of the world, she also remained by his side, and for the rest of her days, she saw the world in three new shades. Mainly grey, but with subtle hints of blue, green, and yellow. This boy had turned her life around.

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