“That’s So Raven” was such a classic, and definitely one of the funniest kid’s shows from back-in-the-day. Raven Baxter was, and still is, my spirit animal; she is everything I wish to be in life. She is hilarious, stylish, sassy, and confident—she has all of the qualities everyone should strive to have. Also, I’ve realized that she really did predict the future because many moments in her episodes are reflective of my life at college. Here is college as told by Raven Baxter!!!

When someone steals your unassigned assigned seat in class:

When you start missing your friends from home:

When you spot a cute guy in your class:

When you put on the freshman 15:

When you fail an exam:

When you go out on the weekends:

When you oversleep and miss your 8:30:

When you go home and are reunited with your sibling:

When you haven't slept in three days:

When class gets cancelled:

When you get food from the dining hall:

When you make a new friend because you bond over a common enemy:

When you have to present in front of the class:

When you have to study for an exam, write a paper, and read 5 chapters in one night:

When you get back from class and want to get food with your friends: