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14 Things You'd Rather Avoid Thinking About Over The Course Of A College Semester, But Can't

Exams covering the entirety of the class grade.

14 Things You'd Rather Avoid Thinking About Over The Course Of A College Semester, But Can't

As a college student, you've learned through your first year that college isn't like high school. In fact, it's a lot harder. You'll notice that in the way your class and extracurricular schedule influences when you eat, when you go to bed, and when you get up as well. This becomes habitual, which makes it that much harder to break out of.

Once you've gotten conditioned to that though, you realize how difficult it can be, which makes you want to avoid thinking about the following 14 things at the start of the semester:

1. Getting up for the first day

It's a new semester, and just like your previous semester, you'll have new classes and new friends to make. Not only that, they'll be at new locations around campus, and this is something you'll have to get acclimated to rather quickly. Good luck.

2. Welcome week

In your mind, you're thinking, "I already know what I want to be involved in at school!" and you don't even give a second thought about joining new organizations.

3. Buying textbooks

This one is probably a no-brainer. When you're in a new class for the first time, you'll hear about the syllabi for each class, as well as what to expect. One of those expectations is having a textbook, and your already-broke-bank is going to get even more broken due to buying textbooks.

4. Paying tuition

This is probably the reason why college has broken the bank. You can only make so much money to offset it, and it will only lead to more debt since very few people can say they're not struggling to pay for college.

5. Embarrassing yourself

Whether this is in class or outside of class, you want to start off well academically and not be a fool around your friends and the new people you meet.

6. Weather changes

At least during the winter/spring semesters, you'll have to walk outside to get to class in frigid temperatures. Not ideal for most students given that snow and ice are both slippery surfaces. Additionally, when March and April come around, the temperatures warm up and you'll wonder what to do with that winter jacket and/or NorthFace.

7. Difficult professors/TA's

You want to feel like you're going to succeed, and having a difficult professor and/or teaching assistant doesn't do you any favors.

8. Going to parties

Depending on the audience, some of you don't like to party. And that's perfectly cool.

9. Getting an apartment for next year

While most students will have set their housing situation for the next year already, you might not have done that yet. And you realize that it's difficult since you have to find someone to live with (if you choose to not be on your own), and also sign a contract.

10. How rowdy people will get during St. Patty's Day

Sure, you're going to take part in the festivities, but after you've settled down, you're probably annoyed by those who are still carrying on without a care for their surroundings.

11. Being stressed after ONE week

Adding to number 7, you're going to be loaded with coursework AND extracurriculars. Not to mention all the homework that you're going to get, on top of doing community service for your Greek organization. Managing time is hard in college. It's definitely going to take some time to bachelor it at the undergrad level.

12. Exams covering the entirety of the class grade

Yes, these classes exist.

13. The countdown until spring break

Spring Break is probably one of the things you're most excited about since you can let loose and enjoy the beach.

14. The countdown until graduation

This applies to all the graduating seniors who already suffer from senior-itis... while each day is one day closer, you think about it because you want it all to be finished.

These 14 things describe what college students think about but would rather not think about, but the reality they face is that they have to live out the process. It's anything but easy, but you will get through it. You've got this.

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