Welp, I've reached that point in the semester already for midterms. I almost think midterms are worse than the finals themselves because It's like the first big test of the semester that professors have and I always have questions on my mind. Here are 21 questions for midterms that I'm willing to share (but honestly I had like 100.) It's my Junior year of college and I don't think anyone ever gets used to college-level tests. I think students adapt but every semester is different professors so we're constantly learning and we're constantly adapting.

1. How many tests do I have?

2. How many questions are on each test?

3. Which test do I have to force myself to take first?

4. How long will it take?

5. Is there a study guide for it?

6. No study guide? Hmm, how will I study then?

7. I wonder if I should form a study group for this. Nah, I doubt anyone will respond to my message.

8. Okay, so I'm doing this thing solo.

9. The week before the test* I should probably start studying today.

10. I think I'll wait until I can sit down and re-read the readings and go over the assignments again.

11. Days pass* Time to start studying and making a study guide so I can review.

12. Things I don't like hearing, "hey, can you send me your study guide?" Um sorry, but no I can't send it to you because if I do all of this work for myself to try to do good in this class then I'm pretty sure you're capable of doing it too.

13. Okay, I studied a little bit, I'll be fine right?

14. First test over with, four more to go.

15. Why is college solely based on tests? Like what if I'm a bad test taker?

16. If I get a certain score, how will it affect my grade?

17. Oh great, I'll be fighting for a C in this class for the rest of the semester.

18. The second test, check. The third test, check. The fourth test, check. Yay, I'm finally done!

19. Thank goodness that's over, now I can sleep and relax for a little bit.

20. Goes to class the very next day*

Professor: "This week we will be focusing on your presentations and semester essays."

Other students and I are thinking: "Whyyyyyyy are you like this?"

21. The list goes on and on and on. But college will be over with one day, I just don't know how to enjoy these not so fun parts of the college experience. But I promise that I'm trying.