Thoughts College Students Have As Told By 'Bojack Horseman'

Thoughts Every College Student Has Had As Told By 'Bojack Horseman'

"Can we please get some alcohol into my mouth?"


It took me a while before I finally decided to watch Bojack Horseman. I thought it looked ridiculous because I'm not a huge fan of new cartoons; however, I am SO glad I decided to watch it (binge it all in two days, actually). The existential dread in this show is probably one of the most relatable things I've ever seen. Millennial's, if you haven't watched this show yet... You need to.

Without further ado, here are some times where Bojack Horseman was basically a college student.

1. When your roommate is out partying and he/she should be studying for finals

Seriously, I wish I could not care and party instead of study... But I actually would like to pass finals. Enjoy living in your world of bliss while I'm over here binge-studying all night.

2. Realizing that being an adult has more responsibilities than you're ready for

Let's just say every college kid has had one of these crises before. Responsibilities? What is that? Help me.

3. Knowing you simply have no self-control when it comes to food

What is it about college kids and binge eating? I don't know the answer but I can tell you I eat a whole pizza in one sitting about once a week and feel all the feels that Bojack expresses.

4. ... and then have to work all the food off because spring break is almost here

Why did anyone ever decide that running was a good idea?

5. When exams are approaching and the dread kicks in

As someone who cries pretty much every day, let me tell you this quote is #relatableaf. But, even more so when I'm cramming for finals.

6. When you're supposed to be productive but get drunk instead

Honestly, this is so me when I have to actually do something important. Let's just order a pizza and drink some beers, the responsibilities will be there tomorrow.

7. Speaking of procrastination...


This is any time I have to do a presentation in front of the class with PowerPoint. A great font will definitely get me that A, right?

As you can see, Bojack is the poster-horse for millennial existential crises, which if you're a college student, you know far too well. As a matter of fact, if you've never watched this show, I suggest blowing off your exams to binge it all in a few days -- like I did. Happy procrastinating!

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40 Things I'd Believably Rather Do Than Sit In Class These Last 3 Weeks

I'd rather do a lot.

There are two to three weeks left, the weather is (on occasion) getting warmer, and the absolute last thing that anyone wants to do is sit through class. At this point in the semester, it feels like even the most unpleasant activity is a way better alternative than going to class, and you just know that it's gonna get so much worse as finals week creeps up. When the pool opens up and it's sunny out, but yet here you are spending hours in the library studying for finals and then going, class.

There are hundreds of things that I would rather do than go to class at this point in time so I will share 40 of them.

1. Get punched in the face by John Cena

2. Have someone pour hand sanitizer on a paper cut that was just given to me

3. Run a 5K in 100º heat

4. Go to the dentist and get a filling without novocaine

5. Sit through standstill hour-long traffic

6. Cut 10 onions with my eyes glued open

7. Be forced to watch curling

8. Eat ONLY baby food for a week straight

9. Get so sunburned I can't move

10. Clean a public mall restroom with no gloves

11. Come in contact with a hungry grizzly bear alone

12. Shave not both, but only one eyebrow off

13. Eat a live cicada

14. Have holes on my big toe cut in each one of my socks

15. Crack my iPhone screen and have it cut my finger each time I swipe to unlock

16. Be limited to only watching Teletubbies for the rest of my life

17. Get shampoo in my eye whilst showering

18. Fold endless amounts of laundry

19. Stub my toe five times over

20. Copy the dictionary in cursive writing

21. Slam my hip on the kitchen counter

22. Go through my entire day with wet sleeves

23. Hit my head against the drywall multiple times

24. Read Shakespeare backward aloud

25. Eat a Tide Pod (lol jk)

26. Pay for an uneven haircut

27. Be forced to drink pickle juice

28. Accidentally swallow a spider in my sleep

29. Take a freezing cold shower

30. Be forced to listen to a class of third graders play the recorder

31. Have a dog lick peanut butter off my right foot

32. Get a hug from a sweaty sumo wrestler

33. Step on a Lego

34. Squirt a lemon in my eye

35. Fall asleep with one nostril clogged

36. Order and eat pineapple pizza

37. Memorize The Declaration of Independence word for word

38. Stare at pictures of Tom Cruise's asymmetrical face

39. Write a 10-page paper about why I love glue sticks

40. Be locked in a room and forced to smell dog farts for hours

Cover Image Credit: NBC Universal

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7 Ways Great College Roommates Are Like Mozzarella Sticks

They won't break promises, they'll keep them.


There is nothing like living with your BFFs in college, and there is nothing more than mozzarella sticks. I love cheese and hanging out with my best friends 24/7.

I'm going into senior year of college, and I'm living with three of the best friends a gal could ask for in the rough college years. One of us who's crazy. One of us is the life of the party — one of us is a fashionista. One of us is going to make all of us hit the library.

And, we're all of those at the same time!


These girls love to laugh! We're always making fun of each other or cracking jokes.

2. Warm and loving

Even though we're always messing with each other, we can put the roasts aside and get serious when someone is having a hard time or needs a good cry.

3. Crunchy

They're super tolerant for my new found love of all granola things. I hope y'all are OK with my compost bin sitting on our porch all year.

4. You can't just have one!

Who wants just one roommate? We all get along and balance each other out.

5. Hot!!!

You gals are glamorous, gorgeous and hot!

6. You'll never be the same after 

Our apartment and my life will be forever changed. My life will be happier, more lighthearted and blessed, but the state of the apartment is TBD.

7. They're there for you when you need them

I'm a big cryer SO thank you ALL.

I am so excited to live with all of you! We are going to be the best bunch of roommates there ever was. Cheers to Apartment H!

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