The semester is upon us, so I put this collection of stories together to warn incoming freshmen and to give those returning students a good laugh and maybe a trip down their own memory lane. Syllabus week is a term coined by college students across the nation referring to the first week of classes where your professor will probably just go over the syllabus and class materials. For some people, it's a time to get your semester planned out and for some, it's a time to party literally every night of the week. Here are stories I received about the enduring first week of college:

"I had no idea what I was doing. I stumbled into a giant lecture hall and plopped down in what I thought was my Intro to Psych class. I quickly realized it wasn't but I was in the middle of a row and class had already started. Much to my horror, she started roll call. She went down everyone in the row and asked our names and compared it to her roll sheet. She finally got to me and literally calls me out for being in the wrong class and made me leave."

"I blacked out every night and wet the bed each time."

"I skipped philosophy one syllabus week and just showed up on the first test day to find out I had been dropped from the class a couple weeks prior because the professor didn't think I was ever going to come."

"Hosting a party and a guy got so drunk when the cops showed up all he could tell them was his eagle scout number."

"I chipped my two front teeth."

"I was rushing so fast to go to a frat party that I slammed my thumb in my car door."

"I showed up for a class the third day for the first time and the first midterm was on that day. I obviously failed the midterm but I got a C in the class. I didn't learn my lesson either and experienced the same thing the next semester."

"The first day of class I was in a morning lecture when I had to puke. I ducked out without drawing any attention but then panicked as I started walking the halls and not seeing ANY bathroom signs. I puked on the floor I the middle of the hallway. I found the nearest office and said "hey uhm someone threw up out here…" and then ran off to find the damn bathroom as the next wave of nausea hit me."

"My finance teacher skipped going over the syllabus and started teaching chapter 1."

"Went to a smaller English class the first class, then skipped the rest of the week. I showed up on Monday with a shaved head and as the teacher called my name with roll call he said: "if you're even still in this class."

"Jumped off a two-story balcony and ended up in a security guards car taking selfies."

"Went to a party the night before the first class meeting and ended up losing my phone, dorm key, and shoes."