College Students Would Be Nothing Without Their Moms

College Students Would Be Nothing Without Their Moms

Thank you for loving me from a far and trusting the person I am becoming.


College is the time to study, learn more about yourself, have a great time and make incredible friends you've been waiting your whole life to have. But, it can be hard living without the family, wishing we had more money, feeling an overwhelming amount of pressure and constantly feeling stressed. I am not sure about you, but I seem to call that one person every time I hit a bump in the road, don't have anyone to talk to on the bus, or need serious advice. That someone would be my mom.

Yes, I am supposed to be living on my own and figuring out this new journey solo, but sometimes I need reassurance to continue with my day, need someone to tell me it's OK, or someone to express my frustrations with.

To all the moms out there: thank you for sticking by our sides even when we aren't home.

You're always one phone call away

I know you have a life as well, but thank you for always picking up the phone and finding time to chat. It may be important, it may not be, but sometimes hearing your voice can make a big difference in our days.

Moms know how to cheer us up

Thank you for always knowing the best things to say. Whatever your case may be, moms always seem to figure out how to turn a negative situation into a positive. Bad day? Thank you, moms, for always having the best words to turn a day around.

Thank you for giving us space

I am thankful that you are giving me space and the opportunity to grow as my own individual woman. You have guided me for several years and shown me the path to becoming a strong and successful lady. Thank you for letting me make my own decisions, grow as my own person, and make mistakes to see where this life will take me.

On the opposite end of that, thank you for being there when I make a mistake and need advice. You are there when needed, but give me enough space to blossom.

Moms push us to take advantage of every opportunity

Thank you for pushing and guiding me to take every opportunity possible. Sometimes, it can be scary to put ourselves out there and jump outside of our comfort levels. Getting new jobs, applying for new positions, working towards being a leader, and pushing for academic success can be stressful and a lot to balance and think about alone. I am saying thank you for always helping me create pro's and con's as well as thinking about all of my opportunities and tell me to always learn more.

Thank YOU

Thank you, mom, for being there even though I am far away. Thank you for loving me from a far and trusting my decisions. I couldn't be the woman I am without you and I am very thankful I have you to call, no matter what time of the day.

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