A College Student's Guide To Napping In Public
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A College Student's Guide To Napping In Public

If it was normal to nap in public in kindergarten, why not in college?

A College Student's Guide To Napping In Public
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It's 2:30 p.m. and your mid-morning coffee has completely worn off. You've been stopped by at least three friends throughout the day and they've all said you've looked sick. Even you have noticed that your walk resembles a zombie more than a student.

You try to figure out at what point did it all fall apart. Was it forgetting about your quiz in psychology? Or was it the dining hall not having your favorite kind of cereal this morning? Whatever it was, you're in a slump and there's only one way to get you back to your normal self:

A nap.

You glance at your phone, which was already glued to your hand since the moment you left class, and you don't have time before your next class to go back to your dorm and still get a solid nap in. Alas, you only have one option.

To nap in public.

I know, I know, naps aren't pretty. But if Sleeping Beauty can do it why can't you? So, here are my tips to pulling off that Disney Princess style shut-eye in the middle of campus.

First, you have to pick out where you'll be napping. This is sometimes the hardest part of napping in public. Should you choose the gym, where osmosis may occur and you could wake up more muscular just by being near the athletes? What about the library, where you can move your chair by the reference books to guarantee you won't be interrupted unless the world is ending and the internet is down? This comes down to personal preference, because each place has it's faults. Though you may feel more comfortable in your department building, you are also more likely to be seen by someone you know, or worse your advisor could see what you've become and suggest a counselor and as comfy as the student union sofas are, you don't want to become the subject of everyone's snap story today.

Once you have found your ideal nap spot, you probably think you can just curl up on your chosen furniture item and wake up in 30 minutes right?


You have to make sure you are completely ready for this life changing nap. So it is best to keep several items on hand, a "nap sack" if you will. It would be best to bring a small bag like Hermione's in the Deathly Hallows, but if you do not attend a school where magic is allowed, a simple fanny pack will do.

Now, in your magical--or muggle--bag you should have the following items:

1. Tissues in case you drool in your unconscious state.

2. Makeup in case your eyeliner (or guyliner, we don't judge in college) smudges.

3. Your favorite stuffed animal to make you feel more at home.

4. A white noise machine that will make the common area feel like a relaxing rainforest, the louder the better to make sure you get the full effect.

5. A sleeping mask that has "do not disturb" written on the front so people know not to disturb you.

6. A wet floor sign, even if you are in a carpeted room, so that everyone will walk by you quietly and carefully.

7. A nightlight in case you get scared.

Now that you have all your items in place, you are finally ready to take this beautiful nap. So, try to ignore the stains on the couch that are probably older than you, ignore the stares from the jealous students, and pray that this nap doesn't make it that much harder to fall asleep tonight.

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